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A Letter to the Noble © 2017

A Letter to the Noble © 2017

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Literature are implanted into a garden.

Forget to water them, only wither.

Flower turns as petals change in colors.

Chlorophyll stem no longer erect form.

Deform of sheathing the outer bark.

Dark pigment presents the passing days.

Lays to rest on the soil for which gave life.

Strife to see the sun burn away the layers.

Prayers for death look with eyes open.

Chosen few still remain, observe sendoff.


Aloft fire continues to burn the essence.

Quiescent covered deep residual ashes.

Witnesses’ walks on a constant basis.

Dismisses the reserves as nothingness.

Amidst here lies the anonymous scribe.

Ascribe the legacy for a righteous hand.

Sands of the hour glass filter into vestibule.

Cruel world or the signs of the times.

Chimes in the distance do offer a praise.

Raise the white flag of surrender, sigh.


I for one rise nobly before commission today.

Dismay my yesterday has gone with the wind.

Since then does the phoenix recreate?

Late is the ticking clock that strikes us.

Trust within conjugate variables of like minds.

Intertwined do not rest for satisfaction.

Declaration pens freely the attributes.

Ascribes by early dawn a pilgrimage.

Sage transforms minutes into hours.

Devours a day, yet does not hunger.


Further executes desire of what is destiny.

Ordinary lacks luster for a mind with a heart.

Departs a residue of why does solitary create.

Negates impossible for a belief in possibilities.

Responsibilities hunt for a progressive.

Aggressive tact goes quantum for a measure.

Assure a fundamental basis does exist.

Persist to outwit a finding of self-exploration.

Questions in the serenity of everything.

Nothing is left unrequited for an infinite.


Definite a task for the quill to take forward.

Onward declares by now this is history.

Stories others who wish to defy analysis.

Kiss this night good-bye, but do dream.

Seam imagination with needle and thread.

Fed by sustenance of blood from the marrow.

Tomorrow will come, but where one will be.

See with eyes a forecast future no one knows. 

Goes on continuum path be relevant a verdict.

Benedict fought both sides still an after-effect.


Reflects in our sentiments of what is right.

Fight for war puts on emblem deems wrong.

Long after do still prohibit and persecute.

Pursuit peace and blame the other which has lost.

Cost destitution for errors does divine forgive?

Submissive is a humane society to not forget.

Regret next generation acts in a progressive.

Recessive learns there are external influences.

Convinces docile to join the cause of affliction.

Discretion advisable stretches irrepressible.


Liable stance of defense backings by citizens.

Written order embarks while the pollution clears.

Fears only put an expiration in bloodshed.

Led by a percentage no tolerance can negate.

Fate in reservoir a populace nullifies chaos.

Ethos preside over a practice to salvation.

Designation each individual is liable.

Capable virtue does inspire values.

Ensue this is not forgotten by a projected time.

Find within the depth of our innate salvation.


Illusions of illusionist trick the nerve.

Serve the silver lining etched on the palate.

Gauntlet hands seem so powerful a tool.

Pool so dark the souls do not wish to escape.

Nape are the scars, so damaged a reputation.

Amputation must live without in the present.

Resentment cast over a sheer damnation.

Question for answers that defy our logic.

Prolific stance now bears forth fruition.

Delusions kneel down before a verdict.


Predict an imminent peril will come over.

Devour what is wrong for what is right.

Fight on for the glory, this is beyond the nigh.

I must confess in order to purge.

Urge by the actions for which I write.

Insight of my belief is one with God.

Sod has created my being.

Seen through the eyes of certainty.

Ambiguity shook hands with the Devil.

Evil adversary is beyond merciless.


Heartless void, since he is my father.

Mother has kissed me, her last goodbye.

Pronounce this moment takes me.

See pass the pride, only truth bears in full view.

Few relish in the noble affairs of worldly.

Sincerely, look into the eyes of individuality.

Reality don an earlier cloth to our turmoil.

Foil not in the restitution to furtherance.

Hindrances only consume the variable.

Capable lacks no luster in a givable mind.

© 2017 Glen Yumang Manese

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Gosh..the words you have chosen really impacts the reader...so as the structure. Great read

Posted 8 Months Ago

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Added on June 9, 2017
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Glen Yumang Manese

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