These four walls

These four walls

A Poem by Glennise Ayuk

Those walls and the things that go on behind them...


1.    These four walls

They say do not kiss and tell

So I let no one in on my hell, all the secrets held

within these four walls.


Your leather belt slashing viciously against my tender skin

were we really once in love? shattered mirrors, broken reflections.

my five inch stilettos hard into your ribs. The scars and pain

all hidden behind these four walls.


I can barely stand your face, your scent.

Above the aroma of Christmas turkey, strawberry pie, a rose garden and

that lavender fragranced air-freshener the neigbours smell from far-off, I’m still

overwhelmingly  suffocated by the imposing malodour of animosity that is

the most concentrated feeling living inside our four walls.


In this moment we do not meet eye to eye

Our hands better not graze a bruise of trouble as bean soup

 is passed around, any scratch will interrupt the integrity of this fine

façade that overlies our rotten wounds

Our perfect friends are home for dinner and we know we cannot show them

the imperfections we seclude with these four walls.


But when they’re gone our words are blades spoken to

slit the other’s carotid, so one of us can bleed

to sleep and the other find peace

within these four walls.


© 2018 Glennise Ayuk

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"so one of us can bleed to sleep," unfortunately, I related to this piece on a personal level I wish didn't exist. That closing was like a punch in the gut!

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Glennise Ayuk

11 Months Ago

Poetry is a way of saying "you're never alone"
Through life's insanities and the insecuritie.. read more
Certainly inspired and written within those four walls.... Great write

Posted 1 Year Ago

this is great! i feel like i've been told a secret.
your language is very rich and enjoyable, the flow is amazing. the last stanza is incredibly powerful, love it!

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Glennise Ayuk

1 Year Ago

Thank you redalia:) I'm truly glad you enjoyed it. Happy new year!

1 Year Ago

will check out your other works! happy new year x
Wow, this is incredible and it speaks to the kinds of things we harbor for endless amounts of time. The guise of love hiding the heart of pain. Sometimes smiling like the joker is easier than tackling the issues that erodes our spirits. Still if we can't be forthcoming with our pain, it can't ever be healed. Maybe it takes at least one person at any venue to hear you out and inspire you to push forward. :) another great piece and keep up the pace.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Glennise Ayuk

1 Year Ago

Indeed, opening up and admitting the pain is a huge step on the way to healing. Thank you!!! Happy n.. read more

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4 Reviews
Added on December 31, 2017
Last Updated on January 3, 2018
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