Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Kaylee Nicole Payne

An old man sat rocking in his chair, a black cat with a silver bell around his neck sat on his lap, purring. The old man was smiling, his almost snow white hair falling in his wrinkled face. Just then, something thumped onto his porch step. Then another thump. And another. Frowning, the old man pushed the cat to the floor and walked to the door. Peering out the window, he could just make out a man with a dark hoodie over his face disappear into the night.

Must have had the wrong door... Frowning, the man turned to walk back to his chair when he heard a baby cry out. Why would there be a baby outside his door? It was close to Christmas, which meant it was almost below freezing out.  Twisting the door handle, the man walked out onto the front porch. Laying in a small, woven basket was a baby not even a couple months old. Tucked between the basket and the babe was a blue little card. On it was three words. "Please take care." The man glanced down at the baby again, who was shivering under the small, purple blanket he was wrapped in. He couldn't just leave the baby out here... But then again he didn't want to take it to an orphanage. Sighing softly, the man picked up the basket and carried it inside.

As he walked towards his chair and the small fire he had gotten going, his cat meowed softly at him and the baby. The man sat down the basket on the floor, and lifted the child out of it. Cradling him against his elbow, he looked around the basket to see if he could find anything besides the card that would tell him who had laid the basket on his porch, or what the baby's name was. Maybe even how old he was...

But there was nothing. Nothing beside the blue card, a blanket, and a baby with a tuft of black hair, and blue eyes. There wasn't even a date for the baby's birth. Shifting the baby, he looked down at him. "I guess you don't have a name.... I'll just have to give you one then," The old man said softly, mostly to himself then the baby. "I'll call you Devyn. My name's Kento."


8 years later.... Devyn's P.O.V

I sat silently on the swing, children laughing and playing around me. Why couldn't I play with them without them running away? They scream at me, call me monster. The teachers say it's my fault, but dad says it's not. To ignore them. But it's hard not to when you have no one else to talk to. A bell pierced my ears, and I flinched. Finally. I could go home now...

As I sat up off the wooden swing, someone pushed me from behind back into the dirt. Multiple people laughed, and my anger mounted. Jumping to my feet, I grabbed a long, thin stick and smacked the kid who had slammed me down in the cheek. He screamed as the stick made contact, putting a welt on his face, and knocking him to the ground. That made them stop. I panted, glaring at the other kids who had laughed and helped with what had occurred. A women from behind me yelled, and as I turned around, she snatched the stick from my hand. Another teacher grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me back inside the cement building.

In ten minutes they had already called my father, suspended me for a school week, and lectured me. I didn't listen to one bit of it. I heard the same thing every other week. The same lecture, and usually the same amount of suspension days as well. They even called my father, who had gotten so use to it that he had finally stopped listening to wait they say. The only lecture I listen to, is the one my father gives me as he holds my hand as we walk back home.

He always tells me that maybe next time I will do better, or how I shouldn't listen to the other kids. But this time, he walks me home in silence. Afraid that I had angered him, I pulled on the end of his sleeve. He looks down at me, and smiles sadly. He looks at me the same way the teachers do. I looked away, down at the sidewalk. He looks away from me.


When we finally get back to our house, I lock myself in my room. I'm not suppose to, but Kento must've noticed that I wasn't in the mood today, as he left me alone. Even though he thought I couldn't hear him, I could. Someone else was in the house. He was talking to them. It was the same person every time. Someone who wanted me gone. Dead. All because I was a "demon". Things like, "the Circle will find out, and they will send an army of exorcists after him," and, "has he grown fangs, or even a tail yet?" I couldn't understand. I did understand, that I wasn't human. And Kento knew it, and so did everyone else. He lied every time he told me I wasn't a monster. I was. He thought it too. Sighing, he grabbed his purple baby blanket he still had that Kento had given to him as a baby, and curled up in it.


9 years later.... 3rd P.O.V.

Rushing, Devyn grabbed his school books from his locker and hurried to class. He would be late again if he didn't start hurrying. This would be his final year of regular school, and then he would be able to start night classes. There they would be taught demonology, how to exorcise demons, the basics about them, and how to identify their species. He could finally be around people who wanted to be like him. No one would call him a monster, or make fun of him for joining the night classes. 

Classes were slow and boring. Devyn sat clear at the back of the room, and stared out the window. Some of the teachers asked him questions about the problems they were doing. Everyone he answered correctly. After that they left him alone. Then he could continue to ignore everyone. Soon it was time for lunch. Grabbing his tray, he walked up to the library and sat his tray down. He went over to the clear left side of the library, and grabbed two books off the top shelf. Both of them were on demon species. Laying the books on the table, he opened the first one open and started reading and taking notes.  He continued until the bell rang, and he had to go to his next classes.

© 2016 Kaylee Nicole Payne

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My only complaint is that you keep changing tense. Sorry, but it's a pet peeve of mine. Otherwise it's well written and easy to follow.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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