Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Kaylee Nicole Payne

Devyn sat quietly in class, slowly reading over his study guide for math class. The intercom beeped a warning, before someone started talking. They were calling out names for people to come to the office.

Rainer, Amy, Sasha, Nero, Joey, Luicel, and Devyn...

Suprised, Devyn slowly got to his feet and walked towards the door. Why would the be calling him to the office? Usually, that meant something bad. But that wouldn't make sense. He didn't know of the other people they had called... Even the teacher was glaring at him like he had done something as he left. As he opened the classroom door, he watched the six other people come out of their classrooms and walked with him. One of the boys wouldn't stop giggling. The girl who stood next to him was giving him a faint smile.

Finally, Devyn couldn't stop his laughing. "Why are you giggling? If you know why were going to the office, why don't you let the rest of us know?" He snapped.

The kid shrugged. "That would ruin the suprise. But if you really want me to tell you..." He grinned.

Devyn shook his head and continued walking. Soon, the students reached the office. Devyn's father and another younger teacher from the Circle were standing beside each other in the office. As soon as all seven of them walked into the small room, the two teachers smiled at them. Devyn's father pulled out a packet of envelopes and started handing them to the students. 

No one handed him one. The other teacher turned to look at Devyn. "A packet has already been filled out for you," He said. "You may start classes tonight." Devyn smirked, and nodded. Finally! He would be able to join something he had been waiting his whole life to do. This was it.

The teacher turned to look at everyone this time. "Fill these out tonight. Turn them in tomorrow if you wish to join. Don't take this lightly, as this is a one time offer only until next year. And by that time, everyone else will be ahead of you." The teacher smirked, before dismissing us. The other students that had walked with me started to chatter about the papers, and if they were even going to sign up or not.

One of the girls I figured out was named Rainer, flipped her long black to the side and stuck up her nose. "Hmph. I probably won't join the stupid Circle. Fighting demons? That's for our superiors to handle."

Rolling my eyes, I turned a sharp left towards my class. That girl, I probably wouldn't get along with. When I walked back into my class, all of my classmates were staring at me with questioning eyes. But no one said a word. The teacher get teaching, and the class pretended to listen. Even now, Devyn couldn't concentrate. He was too busy thinking about his new classes he would be taking. These classes were too easy. Simple. Boring. The new classes would be a lot more interesting, with hands on learning, missions, fighting...

And he couldn't wait for that.

© 2016 Kaylee Nicole Payne

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Added on December 12, 2016
Last Updated on December 15, 2016