Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Kaylee Nicole Payne

3rd P.O.V

Ring! Devyn stood up out of his chair and stretched his arms. Finally! School was finally over for him. He could start afternoon classes without coming back here if he tested out. He found that out from his old man, and he had studied the year away. Waiting for this chance to appear. 

Grabbing his books, Devyn went to his locker, which was not too far from his afternoon class. He ordering his books from when he will need them. When he was finished, he turned left and went down the steps that lead to the gym and the french doors that would let him escape from this place. He pushed the double doors open, grinning ear to ear. Even Kento was waiting for him at the bottom of the steps, letter in hand. As Devyn got closer, his dad handed him the paper.

Dear Devyn,

You have been one of the chosen students to enter Sky Acadamy, free of charge. Have your parents sign this, and return it tomorrow. Your books will be shipped to your house tonight, or given to your parents if they pick them up. Your schedule is taped to the front of them. You will start school next Monday, at five o'clock sharp. Make sure your not late.

That was all of the letter that Devyn read before he looked up at Kento. "I'm guessing you have my books already?"

Kento laughed softly. "I do. I was also allowed to let you pick your class before you even start. I picked Swordmaster and Summoner. If that's okay with you?"

Devyn smiled at his dad. Of course he would know what he wanted to choose. It's not like they talked about it constantly every night during dinner. Kento smiled back and patted his son on the shoulder. Even though that Devyn was adopted, and Devyn knew it, he still loved him like his own. It didn't matter to either of them.

Kento pushed him lightly towards the black, sleek car parked in front of the school. "Come on. Let's go home so you can look through your books, and get ready."

© 2016 Kaylee Nicole Payne

Author's Note

Kaylee Nicole Payne
Thanks for the reviews! I know the ending was terrible. I know I jump around and that will stop this chapter, and the next ones.

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Added on December 30, 2016
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