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Scarlett Crimson- A tom-boyish girl who yet wants to discover who she really is. Her parents died when she was 3, and barely knew about them. She currently lives in the Crimson Estate, which she inherited by her parents who were wealthy doctors. She lives with her friend, maid, and caretaker whose name is Elizabeth. Scarlett goes on a journey, and meets people along the way. She doesn't know about her powers yet, but soon she will discover more about herself. 

Elizabeth Smith- The caretaker, and friend of Scarlett. She lives with Scarlett whom she refers to as Master Crimson. Elizabeth used to be close friends with Scarlett's parents, and know about them more than Scarlett does, but she doesn't let Scarlett know that much about them. She takes care of the estate, and often tends to the garden. She works as a maid for Scarlett, and cares deeply much for her.

Master Blain (Blain Crow)- Scarlett's master, and trainer. You will soon meet him as the story continues. Master Blain is like a guardian, and mentor to Scarlett. He watches over her, and cares a great deal for her. He looks to her as his own child. He soon teaches Scarlett about the basics of fighting, training, and how to maintain her power, and abilities. He lives, and takes care of the Saint Hill Church. Scarlett found out about him through Elizabeth, and he knows about Scarlett's parents.

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Author's Note

Golden Moons
Reader's Note: The characters look short, but more characters will be added later throughout the story.

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Im sure there are alot more characters to introduce later on. Will you be updating this list? I hope you do! Master Blain seems like an interesting character. Im curious to know what Scarlett will have to learn! Now to read the first chapter of your's!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Golden Moons

4 Years Ago

Yup! I will definitely keep updating it as the story comes along! :)

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