The Koobecaf Parasite

The Koobecaf Parasite

A Story by GC

a little piece hidden in a folder, squirrelled away on my laptop.



I really don't know when I realised I had the bloody thing. Hell, truthfully, I  can’t even remember when I didn’t have it. One day I was okay, the next thing I knew- it had sucked the life out of me.

 I was as good as done.


Dead man walking.


If I was a horse, you’d have shot me.

If I was a show, you’d have cancelled me after the pilot.

I found myself on occasion, just staring into space, waiting, but nothing would happened. My eyes would glaze over as my appetite took off. It seemed to feed on anything that was available. It made me eat until I just ate for the sake of eating. The parasite sucked me dry, and gave me nothing but frustration in return. It promised so much at first, I was actually excited when I discovered it. I researched others infected by the parasite, and to my horror they too were now trapped with this monkey on there back.

There was only two outcomes-

Choice one , give in and search for others to infect with this brain eating bug.

Choice two- delete my account.

 I deleted my account.

 I am a survivor folks. I know their are others out there- Be patient, I will find you.

© 2015 GC

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Really enjoyed reading this! It totally sucked me in. Oddly enough this kinda reminded me of 'Animorphs'.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

thanks for stopping :) animorphs? ill look it up

3 Years Ago

You're welcome ^^.
Animorphs was a children's book series probably back in the 90's, it was a.. read more
It's funny because, allegorically, it's true. For many. :)
Wonderful little gem.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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3 Years Ago

(don't tell anyone- but my account is still active shhhh)

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Added on January 19, 2015
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hi, thanks for stopping by. names Gregg, living in Australia, trying to put together a science fiction masterpiece with two years worth of notes, short stories and random thoughts. more..