Long Shadow

Long Shadow

A Poem by Christopher Norton

Always stuck in the past.

    Fond memories have long shadows. They grow faster, creeping along at a pace we can never quite match, as the sun sets on the moments in life that cast them. The laughing ghosts of yesterday are muffled by time’s passage. Flattened into whispers, echoes then gone on the late summer breeze.

    The tragic beauty of autumn’s red and gold are the exaggerated lie of the bright and lively world reaching out one last time against the tick tick tick of marching grey and brown. Summer joys are Winter’s laments. Remember the first time you saw her eyes shine in May’s morning light? The icy tears as she drove away in December? Once, the sun rose on verdant green and deep blue; Sweet flowers and burning sage. It set in a gravel parking lot on the first day of the last month of the millennium. 

    Laughing ghosts from the house on the edge of reality. Was it a movie? A pulpy novel? Do I really believe those things happened? Who were those characters? Such a part of your being when you are living it. There is no other way. Nothing is shocking. Who does these things? How many pizza delivery guys did we send away, stumbling down the stairs, drunk and high?
Scenes from a stoner flick that I can’t find on video or DVD? But this was my favorite movie. The clarity and reality of it creep away as their shadows  grow longer.

© 2014 Christopher Norton

Author's Note

Christopher Norton
Memories hold immeasurable value to me. I always seem to miss what is happening presently. I'm sure at the time these things happened I was living in a time further past.

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The lines are scripted...
just as they fall into place...
in the order of the memories...
takes us on a wild ride of thoughts...
all put forth in a narrative...

Posted 4 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 4, 2014
Last Updated on March 4, 2014
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Christopher Norton
Christopher Norton

S. Glens Falls, NY

Subtlety is not my style. How can I describe myself without sounding self-indulgent? I could say something dark and clever but the truth is, I'm an uneducated, high school dropout who has never don.. more..