A final relief

A final relief

A Chapter by Gul

The last.

Then, it's definitely 'Shone'." But after 5 years??" Why will he be back? Again my brain started ringing and it was alarming actually. That thing was not being digested,  why Shone?

The person who divorced me 5 years ago, just because the baby was little dark and not matching with our complexion. Only little bit. He untangled me from all the relations of him by entitled me a characterless and my lovely cute daughter, a mud blood, who didn't open the eyes by that time. He only not blamed but cursed us for our life as well.

"How can he kidnap our daughter.... sorry sorry.. my daughter, whom he didn't touch?" She is my daughter not his.

I did switch my thoughts knowingly because I didn't want him to run into my mind. Again I stood up, left the bed sheet, which was held to my chest. I wiped my tears and promised me not to cry more. I just needed to find her now.

Suddenly, I started walking without deciding a path, just hit in dark. And I found, my feet led me into the basement. I don't know why I was there. Believe me, I don't know.

I entered the basement and switched on the light. There was a dark shadow behind the old table. First I was taken aback and scared then I collected the courage to move ahead.

I swished ahead to not to interrupt someone but wanted to check the activity.  I saw and I was stunned for a while.

"Oh my God!!!!!! How stupid mother I am!  Lamented I. How I forgot that Shobi loves to spend her most of the time in basement. And she has a habit of walking in sleep."

It was Shobi.

I knelt down and glanced her beautiful face sleeping. She looks prettiest, so calm and resting flower.

A smile ran through my face to see my daughter alive and safe. But a sliver, from bed side was pierced into her left foot. I pulled it out. After it I lapped her, kissed her and hugged her so tightly. I led her into the room. First I gave her an aid then rest her on the bed.

And ....And the very important, I locked the door which I forgot last time. Even after closing, I checked it properly. I drew the curtains and drank water. I took a long breath of relief and leaned to her.

It was 3:30 am that time, I set an alarm of 6 0' clock because the next day, I had to go to court for hearing of my client.

I laid on the bed, stretched myself and hugged my Shobi tightly.

I drew my hand out to switched the side lamp and smiled.

"I love you Shobi" Kissed I.

© 2017 Gul

Author's Note

I am just in process.

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This chapter becomes more personal. Shocking social discrimination elements, including divorce and disgrace over the color of Shobi's skin. Such tender descriptions of mother's love for her daughter in a surprise ending. Lyrical, lovely, compelling. Wonderful Gul!

Posted 12 Months Ago

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