Creator And The Gods

Creator And The Gods

A Poem by Gypsy Dreamer

"In the beginning"


Many were about the heavens
some were good, some bad.
Working together to make a man
to walk upon a land.

They created this man from the earth
out of dirt he did come...
To make him be as one of thee
was beyond their comprehension.

Over and over Adam was made
over and over he failed...
to walk, to talk, to stand upright...
the Gods knew too well...

that making man without a soul...
their task was already beaten.
They tried once again to make Adam stand...
no use... back to the meeting.

To them, powers were gave
limited powers to be...
They could create, a body they make
but no soul could come from thee.

A spirit came down... upon the ground.
It came from the most high.
In pity it saw, the man who did fall
and it breathed the breath of life.

The man crawled around like a newborn found...
yet he begin to know...
for the God's who sculpted his body so fine...
had not his spirit nor soul.

The most high was pleased, he blessed and freed
this man from the Gods.
The Gods became full of fury and rage...
for the creator gave man a nod.

They flocked all together... against their master
and devised a devious plan.
And out of jealously, envy and greed,
they thought of the downfall of man.

The creator kept man... pure as the snow...
a helpmate he gave him.
He gave them a garden... abundant in food...
for it to stay tidy and trimmed.

The creator didn't stay with Adam all day...
to call upon him they should...
The God's saw a chance... to bring on their wrath...
on Adam and Eve... they would.

Into a serpent, a God did go...
he lied and raped their minds...
A son was born... the name of Cain...
was put upon his kind.

The two realized what they had done...
their mind full of sin...
The creator called out and asked about...
For where have you two been?

He knew right away... the two they did stray...
from the garden they were cast out...
For now they knew... as the Gods did know...
what good and evil were about.

The creator did love Adam and Eve...
for his spirit were in them...
Adam knew Eve for the first time...
and Abel was in their realm.

The Gods of Cain struck the good of man...
forever will he roam...
And good verses evil... forever more...
till our creator brings us home.

© 2012 Gypsy Dreamer

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Is this the Islam version of the story of creation.There are somethings you wrote which are not in the Christian/Judea bible.
It's interesting to know jealousy and evil was brought into this world by the gods and not Adam.People should stop blaming Eve and put there blames on the serpent.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Gypsy Dreamer

5 Years Ago

Hi emrick, I don't know what version my poem is from really. I grew up Catholic/Baptist. I actually .. read more
A very good poem and interpretation of the story of the beginning. I enjoyed reading this one.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Gypsy Dreamer

5 Years Ago

Thank you Michael. :)
A very interesting tale. I believe God had no ideal man would become filled with greed and hate. I believe God gave man food, shelter and a place to live. Man lost his way. I enjoyed the way you told the story. I believe if God is looking down at us. He would be disappointed. A strong ending to the outstanding poetry.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Gypsy Dreamer

5 Years Ago

Thank you Coyote! Much appreciated. :)

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Added on July 3, 2012
Last Updated on July 8, 2012
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