The Road To Danbury Fair

The Road To Danbury Fair

A Poem by Adam Latham

I met her going to the fair,
Upon a country road.
A bow was tied about her hair
Which to her shoulders flowed.

The spark of youth shone in her eyes
In pools of emerald green,
Her body was of average size
Yet pretty to be seen.

The whitest dress I ever saw
Swept lightly about her feet,
And around her neck a rabbits claw
Clung in the summer heat.

She smiled thinly, bowed her head
And curtsied with true grace,
And then with timid words she said
'My lord, what is this place? '

The road to Danbury Fair said I
And yonder to the coast,
Please walk with me a by and by
And I shall prove my boast.

A quarter mile, a half-a-mile,
My recollection fails,
We strolled in silent trance like style
All through the sun stroked dales.

Until upon a certain spot
No different than the rest,
The atmosphere that once was hot
Blew with a chilling zest.

Then suddenly the sky grew dim
As sun and light withdrew,
And darkness conquered every limb
Above us that was blue.

The woman gave a startled cry
And fell onto her knees,
'Right here is where I cut the tie
With man's mortalities.

My soul will never rest in peace
But always I shall be
A spirit with an earthly lease
Now and eternally.'

A pounding heart betrayed my fear
At this unnatural sight,
But paralysed I could not steer
Myself away in flight.

Instead I watched with heavy breath,
This other worldly power,
Tell of her own untimely death
Which cut her youthful flower.

A tale of highway treachery,
So long ago it seems,
Resulted in her pedigree
Dissolved from living themes.

And now with woeful discontent
She grieves her swift demise,
By stirring up the firmament
Over where her body lies.

Though boldness purged my nervous root,
My daring came too late;
The questions posed in minds pursuit
Never formed into debate.

For soon the apparition waned
And vanished from my view,
The clouds dispersed, the sun regained
Its former vibrant hue.

And me, my ordeal done at last,
I stood with nought to say,
A victim of a tragic past

That haunts the Danbury Way

© 2018 Adam Latham

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Added on February 1, 2018
Last Updated on February 1, 2018


Adam Latham
Adam Latham

Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

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