Don't Forget

Don't Forget

A Story by Hayden

This is a really short story with pretty deep theme, can you find it?

Little Koda watched the stream flow by in fascination. He saw the different fish and the plants at the bottom. They swayed under the flow of the stream as the trees and the wind. He enjoyed this sad quiet because even though he was 13, he was becoming the chief of the tribe. His father had died to this river a few months ago , so when koda looked at it he only saw the sadness and desperation, yet it was intriguing.
"Koda? Koda, where are you?" Koda's Mother called.
"Here I am Mother!"
She saw him by the river,"Don't you go that close to that river ever again boy! Don't you know what happened here?"
He looked down, "I do mother."
"Besides the white savages could kill you if you're too far away from the tribe. Come back now. Stay away from the river."
Koda turned form his Mother to the river, "It calls me mother. No matter what I try, I always come back. The cool waters chill the burns I have on me and drinking the fresh water fills me."
The mother said to him, "Child do you not know that this river kills? Even before your father? It keeps you in it's flow for ages and ages. No one can help you if you fall in. You can swim, but you you can't swim forever."
 Koda was taken by the hand and led back home, where is people needed him. he led the small tribe called the Oujtwaba, they were known for our cruel war tactics.. Koda's father had tortured and killed many from the Bear tribe and ten-fold form the Shaqui tribe. He was not  a loved leader. He never spent time with the people and it seemed as if his life was more a white elephant than the gift that koda has been taught. With all of the things the chief has to do, Koda knew why his father was so cold, but helping the people made him swell with pride and happiness. It took his thoughts away from the attractive river. When he got to his tent, he went in and left his mother outside. No one was allowed in the chief's tent without permission. Koda's father enacted that rule because many would walk in and out as they pleased and it gave the chief no time to rest. Koda laid on the bed roll and closed his eyes to let himself fall into a deep sleep where he'd be free of all his troubles. He awoke with a start some 2 hours later, but by then it was dark so everything looked like a shadow. Koda had a nightmare and was hot and sweating. After 10 minutes, he realied he was burning up, so he decided he needed to cool off. Koda went by the  one place that could cure this: The river. When he got there he said, "Blasted Mother!" He undressed, "The river is a river. Nothing more." Koda stated firmly, but he questioned his own words. "Cool me river, and I shall repair your poor reputation. Take me and do what you must." He was burning up even more in his sickness.  And as he knelt down and took take a sip, a gust of wind pushed him into the river. The water was bitterly cold and and the water sloshed around Koda's lungs as he pulled himselft up to the surface. He swam and swam, but he was pushed into the center of the river and was stuck. After a long time, the sun came up and Koda was losing hope. His mother saw him and screamed, but she didn't dare jump into this poisonous river. Koda yelled to her, "Don't forget!" And with hat he let this bitter river take him away. His last sight was of his Mother on her knees screaming and crying, trying to get to him. She never got to him.

© 2017 Hayden

Author's Note

Here's another story with a pretty deep meaning. I conveyed it through symbolism through out the text, and I hope you like it!

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I really enjoyed this! I think it's extremely unique how you express the symbolism in your stories! I can't wait to read more!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Green Bay, WI

Hey there, I'm Hayden! Thanks for checking me out ;p haha I'm just messin' around! When it comes to writing, I love giving some serious meaning to it, you have to really think in order to find it. I'm.. more..

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