Funky Tim's Bar

Funky Tim's Bar

A Story by Hayden

Will you find the deeper meaning? This one's pretty east tbh.

The cold bitter night nipped at my ears as I walked into Funky Tim's Bar. This was the hang out spot for everyone in town really. It was here where you could pick up the most girls and participate in the stupidest drinking games. It was all enjoyable to me as I walked into the highly populated and loud bar. People were shouting and cheering as other were taking shots or playing beer pong. This bar was one big frat party really. I laughed and got to the bar itself. Wallace came up to me, "Hey man! Long time no see!" 
"Hey buddy, whiskey on the rocks?"
He nodded, "No problem buddy." Then I heard a news reporter and I looked to the headlines. Some girl murdered. Thew war in the middle east is still going. Feeding America isn't doing too well. I looked back to Wally and nodded back in gratitude and turned to watch the dart game going on across the bar from me. The dude missed miserably, but yelled out, "BULLS EYE!"
I scoffed and looked at another guy sitting a couple of chairs down. He had a wedding ring on, it looked like mine. I looked down to my own hand and saw that there wasn't a ring there any more. Wallace came back with my drink, "Here ya are buddy, it's on me." 
I put up a smile, "Thanks Wally." And he left.
I took a gulp and coughed after I swallowed. It was strong. I missed her. Her sweet smile and I missed holding her most of all. I really love her. She used to brighten up my day like nobody else ever could, but she also got on my nerves a lot too. I chuckled just thinking of how she'd hide my car keys or do little pranks on me. After a hard day at work, I knew I could count on her to help me be strong. I guess I counted on her too much. I was still thinking of her when an old man came in and sat right next to me. He was obviously homeless. He had old, smelly tattered clothes on and he was unshaven. I looked to move somewhere else, but he spoke to me, "Hey." His voice was raspy and gruff.
There were no more available spots, so I was stuck here, "Hey." I responded sourly.
He looked at me with his brown eyes, "Why're you here?"
That was kinda rude to pry, "I could ask the same thing."
He sighed, "Are you asking?"
I didn't want to be a hypocrite, "Uh, no."
He sighed, "My adult daughter died. Murdered."
I was taken aback by his calmness and bluntness, "I-I'm sorry."
He laughed, "Aren't we all?"
I felt bad for my sharpness, "I didn't want to upset you sir. I'm just bitter today, that's all. Im sorry"
He looked at me and I thought he was staring into my soul, "Why're you here."
I didn't owe it to him, "My wife divorced me for another man."
It was silent, "If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?"
"I'd bring my wife back to me."
The man looked at the TV. He chuckled again, "Not too long ago I would've said something along those lines, but I've learned." He got up and walked out with a bottle of beer. I didn't blame the guy for using the little money he had on alcohol. I would've too.

© 2017 Hayden

Author's Note

Did you find it? If you did then congrats! If not, then keep going you got this!

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017



Green Bay, WI

Hey there, I'm Hayden! Thanks for checking me out ;p haha I'm just messin' around! When it comes to writing, I love giving some serious meaning to it, you have to really think in order to find it. I'm.. more..

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