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The Sound of Rain

The Sound of Rain

A Story by Holly Inking

a short story I came up with recently. Just about the sound of rain.


Rain hit the concrete, heavy like children's steps in an over-excited game of hopscotch. Thudding against the pavement, crashing down hard. The sound, like great monument's collapsing, made the air seem alive with energy. The sky was dark and dismal, and angry.

Jacob looked around him. He was definitely all alone, on that bench in the park. Such an obvious place to sit perhaps, but it was the only place to sit. The usually busy road in front of him was deadly silent. In fact, the whole area was silent, like a great plague had swept out all life forms. No birds. No dogs barking in the distance. No sound of any kind. Except the rain, always the rain. Behind him the shadowed cathedral loomed, looking quite menacing in the rain. He whipped his head left and right, searching for a sound. Nothing.

Part of him was happy for it. The loneliness. Like a wave of relief to leave the hectic household and be blessed with a sort of serenity in the rain. He let his head hang back, the rain splashing onto his face. He smiled at the coolness. It felt good. A bus passed noisily, breaking his dreamlike state for a few seconds. But soon it had left again and the serenity continued. His hands fingered the beaded bracelet he had in his pocket. His breathing quickened.

Then, like a whisper, but almost as if someone had spoken it into his ear, a voice came to Jacob. Soft and feather-like into his mind. He whipped round to his left, down the road stood a girl. He recognised the auburn hair that spilled down to the girl's waistline. He recognised the glint of emerald eyes and peach lips that smiled at him. But the girl somehow, seemed to drift towards him. She walked but her feet made no sound. His eyelids flickered but never faltered at her image. It felt like an instant before she was before him, the rain drenching her form. She was untouched a moment ago. Her smile increased as he stood. He felt her hand reach out for his. Her skin was cold and dripping with rain water.

All sound had stopped completely it seemed, even the crashing rain. Silence.

“Come with me.”

The sound cut through the silence, swift and clean. Her voice had the lightness of air. He tried to speak but his heart beat so furiously beneath his chest he daren't utter a word. Her eyes bore a stare that pierced his soul. Her lips moved towards his, her hands reaching up around his face to caress it. His heart skipped a beat as he put his hands on her waist. The rain continued to drench them both.

He knew the deal as she closed her eyes, her lips inches from his.

Jacob closed his eyes, awaiting the bliss of a perfect kiss.

Jacob awoke.

© 2015 Holly Inking

Author's Note

Holly Inking
Is it engaging? Anything I could've done to improve this short story?
Does it flow? although it is meant to be a bit jumpy due to actually being *SPOILERS* a dream. :)

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Added on January 7, 2015
Last Updated on January 7, 2015
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Holly Inking
Holly Inking

West Sussex, United Kingdom

A musical theatre student in West Sussex, always had an interest in writing, enjoyed English GCSE and have a whole notepad full of silly poems and short stories I wrote when I was 10 or 11. I love t.. more..