A Poem by R. J. North

From the moment of conception there were preconceived notions of everything that you would someday be
and the wondrous things only hoped you'd achieve
Pretty thing, sweet thing, princess to be
Listen now this world will attempt to break you
Society will water down your best qualities and tell you there is no place for intelligent women
You must let it be known that society cannot exist without them

Pretty thing declare that you are strong
Refuse to be held down and by all means necessary break the chains they're trying to place on you
Never let them tame your spirit
Because it is that very spirit that will lead you in this life
Pretty thing you possess remarkable resilience keep your spirit strong
Let this lead you, it is who you are

Sweet thing relax and live free
It is what you were born to be
Unable to be confined you must explore
Explore all that you are capable of and every opportunity that this life presents you
Sweet thing set out on a journey to find yourself
Set your spirit free
Not all who wander are lost 

Limitless and endless one on which no restraints can be placed
Wandersome and free you look pretty boundless to me
There is a light inside of you waiting to be set free 
Graceful and quiet lying beneath the sea, busyness covers you and muffles your voice
Places you in a cage and clips your wings
Here you go, here you grow
Not drowned out by noise, not falling victim to complacency
It is here where you reject conformity
Pretty thing determined to live boundlessly

© 2017 R. J. North

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I had a physics class where the best student was a woman. She was hot too ;) I know a lot of women that have such potential, but would rather live in the constraints that they were molded into from a young age. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks for sharing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on February 1, 2017
Last Updated on March 31, 2017