A Vampire's Love

A Vampire's Love

A Story by HorrorMaster

It's about a teen girl fall in a love with a vampire and realized that she wants to become one.

It was a dark and stormy night in the town of Rose hill, Illinois. Everywhere people where trying to sleep as the rain poured down heavy that night. One little boy, by the name of Dustin, lay sleepless in fear. He hated storms, as they had always frightened him, his sister on the other hand loved to see her little brother scared. Aleeya always found it to be funny. Now, Aleeya had her own unique type of style. She was the quiet type. She drew an interest in vampires and witches. Vampires have always been her favorite.
Aleeya tended to shut everyone out of her life. She kept to herself and everyone thought her to be a freak. It was the first day of her junior year in high school; this made her happy because she was almost done.
This year was the year; her life would be changed forever. She received her class schedule and found her homeroom class. She walked in the class and all eyes fell on her. Aleeya looked at the blackboard, her eyes caught the name Mr. Collins. He must have been a new teacher since Aleeya had never seen him before.
After everyone found themselves a seat Mr. Collins proceeded to call attendance. "Aleeya Alburtis?" he called. "Yeah." she replied with a distant voice, and he checked off her name. He called the next person and so on. After he was finished a boy bolted into the classroom.
"Sorry I'm late," said the boy. "What is your name?" Mr. Collins asked.
"Bryan Post"
"Well then Bryan find yourself a seat."
Bryan noticed the seat next to Aleeya was empty. "Mind if I sit down?" asked Bryan. Aleeya threw him a sharp, wicked look and replied, "Don't speak to me." The boy looked at her for a moment then sat down in silence.
Bryan found Aleeya to be quite attractive and he couldn't keep his eyes off her. He could sense a great deal of darkness in her aura and he loved it. Bryan was about to say something but the bell then rang and Aleeya left in a hurry. She got to her math class and was surprised to see that Bryan was in this class as well. Bryan on the other hand was happy about it. There was something about Aleeya that made him love her and that made the need to change here more urgent. He needed her, they needed her.
After school Bryan followed Aleeya on her walk home, in hopes of getting to talk to her. Aleeya turned around when she realized someone was following her.
"What the hell do you want?" she screamed.
"Only you, only you."
Aleeya's eyes narrowed at him for a moment and then it struck her. Bryan looked just like the vampire from her dream, she never did get the vampires name.
"What do you mean you only want me?"
"Nothing" Bryan shook his head. "I didn't mean anything by that."
There was a sound of fright in his voice, like he was hiding something. He couldn't let her know the truth, not know at least.
"Look" said Bryan "I just want to be your friend, get to know you"
"I don't have any friends nor do I want any." Said Aleeya.
Bryan looked at her with sorry eyes and said "One friend is better then none."
For so long Aleeya thought no one would be able to understand her and now she had someone. She gave Bryan a smile and he smiled back. They sat together in class and at lunch. The other girls thought it was repulsing that a handsome boy like Bryan would want to spend time with Aleeya. Bryan wanted so badly to tell Aleeya the truth and to change her but he couldn't yet, he had to wait, and waiting made him angry and upset. He needed this girl, he loved this girl.
As the days passed Bryan fell more in love with Aleeya.
"Hey Aleeya!" Bryan yelled when he saw her at the store. Aleeya starts walking to him.
"Hey Bry!"
"How you been?" he asked.
"Fine and you?"
The two left the store together and talked. The next few weeks were a bit hectic, and school was becoming more time consuming and complex. There was a new girl in class her name was Tarra Baker. When she saw Bryan she froze with fright and Bryan threw her a not so pleasant stare. He had gotten to Aleeya before Tarra could. Tarra only hoped it wasn't to late.
She walked up to Bryan and Aleeya and introduced herself. Aleeya avoided all eye contact with her. Bryan looked at Tarra and said "Tarra Bourey what an unpleasant surprise."
"You two know each other?" asked Aleeya.
"You can say that," Bryan replied.
Bryan made Tarra feel very frightened and Bryan liked this. Tarra tried to talk to Aleeya but she wouldn't listen.
Tarra had to get Aleeya alone to talk to her. So after school Tarra went to Aleeya's house. Aleeya was surprised to see Tarra standing at her front door.
"Why are you here?" Aleeya asked.
"I need to talk to you about Bryan."
"You'll lie about him, he told me that's what you do."
Tarra stood and looked at Aleeya "I wouldn't lie!" she said.
"Don't bullshit me!" Aleeya screamed.
"I'm not," replied Tarra.
"Get out, leave now!" Aleeya yelled at Tarra.
Tarra left and Aleeya slammed the door behind here. Tarra grew angry; she needed Aleeya to listen to her, before it was to late. Aleeya couldn't be changed. If Bryan changed her the witches would be hunted and the vampires would be free. I can't let this happen. Tarra thought my life would be at stake.
"As well as your family." said Bryan.
"Stay out of my thoughts Mustis." screamed Tarra.
"You can't keep me out of your mind." He said. And this in fact was true.

Tarra looked at him but then turned away.
"You won't have her." she said.
"I already got her, I just need to change her." he replied. "Don't try to stop me! You won't win this time Tarra Bourey!"
Tarra ran off, when she got home her mother took one look at her and asked what was wrong.
"Mustis is going to get to Aleeya before we can." Tarra said.
"We mustn't let this happen"
"I know but if she finds out the truth she may choose them over us, I could sense that part of darkness in her." Tarra replied.
Tarra looked worried for a while. The she left to her room to think. I have to find a way to get to Aleeya. That night Aleeya sneaks out for a walk, surprisingly she runs into Bryan.
"Woah, didn't know you'd be out at this time," said Aleeya.
"Just needed some fresh air," Bryan replied.
Aleeya looked at him like she could tell he was lying. He then smiled not wanting her to figure out. He wanted to change her now but he couldn't. Then out of nowhere Tarra appeared.
"Stay away from her!" Tarra yelled.
"What the hell is your problem?" said Aleeya.
"He wants to hurt you."
"I don't believe you Tarra, you're just jealous."
"Maybe I should leave," said Bryan.
"No don't," replied Aleeya.
Tarra then walked off she was starting to not care about Aleeya. Aleeya was being foolish for believing Bryan.
"I give up!" Tarra screamed. "She won't listen to me."
"Calm down Tarra," said her mother.
Tarra looked at her mother, "What if we can't get to her?"
"Well we'll just have to try."
Tarra left to her room, she sat on her bed for maybe an hour before she fell asleep. Meanwhile at Aleeya's house a lot was going on. Her parents were fighting and Aleeya tried endlessly to fall asleep. When Aleeya did manage to go to sleep she had what seemed like a weird dream.
"Help me, please" Hannah cried out. Hannah had been lost for hours and she was pregnant. "I'll help but you have to give me your life." She looked up to notice that it was Adiken who said it. "No" she cried. "I won't give up my life to be like you." "Why not?" he asked. "Because it's not what I want." Hannah replied. "You can have everything this way." Adiken said.
Aleeya suddenly woke to the screaming of her mother (well her adoptive mother) something broke. She could hear her mother yelling at her little brother. Aleeya just laid on her bed thinking about her dream. She has had many dreams like this, but they keep getting stranger. Two hours later Aleeya glances at her clock, it read 6:05AM.
"Great, I've got to get ready for school." she said to herself. She was about to get but then she decided not to go. She wanted to sleep so she did. Tarra was worried when Aleeya didn't show for school.
"What did you do to her, Bryan?" Tarra said.
"Nothing I haven't seen here since last night, now get going before you become my next victim."
Tarra backed off. She couldn't afford to become one of his victims. She had a fiance waiting for her back home. Tarra couldn't wait to get back to David. But first she had some business to take care of here. She wished David could come see her but he was far away right now. And Tarra needed to concentrated on saving Aleeya. Right now Aleeya had to be Tarra's main focus. Keeping Mustis (Bryan) away from Aleeya was very important. The next day at school Aleeya walked into class and Bryan quickly got up to greet her. Tarra gave Bryan an evil kind of look. Then another person walked in, Tarra didn't really pay attention to the person.
"What's your name young man?" Mr. Collins asked.
"David" the boy replied.
Tarra looked up and a smile came to her face. She got up and run to David and kissed him.
"What are you doing here?" Tarra asked.
"I missed you, Tarra."
Aleeya stood and watched them.
"She doesn't waste anytime, does she?" Aleeya said.
"Oh, David is Tarra's boyfriend." Bryan replied.
"Wow I don't believe anyone would want to be around her."
In the distance Aleeya could almost make out what Tarra and David were saying.
"Thanks for coming," said Tarra.
"I knew you would need some help with the girl." David replied.
Tarra smiled and David gave her another kiss, Aleeya and Bryan watched with a look of disgust on their faces.
"Do they really need to do that here?" said Aleeya.
"Might as well get used to it now," said Bryan.
"Oh whatever." Aleeya said with a sound of annoyance in her voice.
David ended up in all of Tarra's classes and Tarra was in all of Aleeya's classes. Kind of weird, eh?
David and Tarra spent every waking second together. They were making plans to try to keep Aleeya safe from Bryan. "What are we going to do, David?" Tarra sighed. "I'm thinking" David replied.
Tarra worried a lot that Aleeya would be changed. She didn't want that to happen, it couldn't happen. The next day at school Tarra and David walked up to Aleeya.
"We need to talk," said David.
"Stay the hell away from me," screamed Aleeya.
And she got up and walked away. She found Bryan and they ate lunch outside together.
"Damn it!" yelled David "that stupid b***h!"
"Calm down," said Tarra.
David grabbed Tarra and walked off. They left school and went back to Tarra's house. They talked all night until Tarra fell asleep. Tarra had been feeling strange for the past few days. She didn't know what was wrong. David hoped it was what he thought it was. He was hoping Tarra was pregnant because he wanted a child who would look up to him and make him their hero. Sure enough Tarra turned out to be pregnant. Tarra and David were so happy because they had always wanted a baby. They hope it was a girl, so they could name her Tranquility. David and Tarra got all the stuff they new their baby would like. They were going to spoil their child. Give her what she wanted.
"I'm so happy, David" said Tarra.
"Me too."
Tarra smiled and David leaned in to kiss her. Tarra loved David so much. They were destined for each other.
"David we've got to start focusing on how to keep Aleeya safe," said Tarra.
"F**k her, she doesn't want to listen."
"But we've got to try."
David gave up and did what Tarra asked. As the days past he got more annoyed. Aleeya started to believe Tarra and often avoided Bryan.
"Tarra we need to talk," said Aleeya
"About what?"
"I want to know more about," she lowered her voice, "Bryan."
Tarra invited Aleeya over to her house after school. When Aleeya got there Tarra started to tell Aleeya everything. She told Aleeya that Bryan's real name was Mustis and that he was a vampire. Tarra told Aleeya that she was a witch and that she was sent to protect Aleeya from Mustis.
"I don't believe this," said Aleeya. "How could this be?"
"I know it's not easy to believe but it is the truth," replied Tarra.
"I thought Bryan, I mean Mustis, was a nice guy." Aleeya stopped and looked at Tarra, "so you mean he is the vampire from my dreams."
"Yes." Said Tarra.
Aleeya looked at her. This couldn't be because she had fallen in love with the vampire in her dreams. She was supposed to be with Mustis. In Aleeya's dreams he changes her into a vampire like him.
"Tarra if this is true then I am supposed to fall in love with him."
"Yes, I know but that is why I am here," Tarra said "to stop you from loving a vampire."
"But how can you stop love?" asked Aleeya. "He changes me, that way me and him can be together."
"Well I won't let him change you."
"But isn't my choice on who I want to go with?"
"Yes, I suppose it is."
Tarra looked at Aleeya and instantly knew what she was thinking. Aleeya wanted to be with Mustis and Tarra had no say in it or the right to stop her. But then again Tarra didn't want her family to be destroyed.
"Do you wish to be with Mustis?" Tarra asked Aleeya.
"I don't know but I think I do."
"Then go be with him."
"But never come near my family or try to harm my family."
"Alright." Aleeya said.
Tarra summoned Mustis to them.
"She is yours now. You and the vampires can have her, she choose to be with you."
"Just like I knew she would," replied Mustis.
Mustis then took out his dagger and made a cut on his neck and told Aleeya to drink his blood. Aleeya did and the next night when she woke she was like him and they were together. Aleeya stayed in touch with Tarra and promised not to harm her or her family. Besides Tarra had in fact helped Aleeya out. Aleeya was thankful for Tarra's help and although she thought long and hard about who's side she wanted to be on, her true love was a vampire and she didn't want to lose him.
"At last my once mortal love is mine for eternity." Mustis said looking at Aleeya.
"To live together and never die to be your love and you be mine."
Aleeya and Mustis left to were they were going to be staying. Mustis had an apartment behind a night club where vampires and mortals went to. The mortals knew what the vampires were but that didn't bother them because they where born in the vampire world. Born as humans though. Thus the vampire and his once mortal love lived for eternity in happiness.

© 2010 HorrorMaster

Author's Note

No this is not Twilight. I give credit to my ex girlfriend Stephanie for her idea. Yes she is a Twilight fan, but I do miss her. Please comment it.

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Featured Review

I loved reading this story. It has great detail and your characters personalities are well developed. the plot comes shining threw. the only thing I would change about the story are why the witches and vampires are at odds and add detail into the transformation from human to vampire. I really enjoyed reading this story great job.

Posted 8 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


I never watched or read any of the twilight series, so I can only say what I think of your story. I found myself compelled to read more and more, and thought this was a great vamp story. Most times they never end with happiness, but this was a nice touch with humans and vampire's living in harmony.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is really sweet and different. I really like this.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I think the idea is very cool, but make it longer. Develop the characters more and use more descriptive writing. Once again, the idea is awesome. In a lot of vampire fiction there's struggles between vampires and others. (Werewolves, Angels, Witches).

Posted 8 Years Ago

the plot, the descriptiveness, really good story

Posted 8 Years Ago

Good story

Posted 8 Years Ago

i like the details and plot, vampire love is always the best :D

Posted 8 Years Ago

Some of this was confusing, who is Hannah? All and all, good read, yet i think it needs more work. Keep at it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is awesome! I love Vampire stories,
Wonderful detail and imagery.
Enjoyable read!

Posted 8 Years Ago

wonderful read.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I think the dialogue is good, but we need more story. I have this same problem when iI write longer ideas, This almost has a "Vampire Diaries"/"True Blood" feel to it. Some eidting will make it much better.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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