Valentine's Beetle

Valentine's Beetle

A Story by Kyouma

It is literally a beetle, not a metaphor.

An iridescent beetle, the size of a large scarab took its time surmounting what seemed to be an endless supply of gifts and presents alike. Mindless slaves to the beetle droned about gathering small presents, as tribute to the 6' monster, such as small chocolates, candies, and when those aren't good enough, one slave will take another as tribute.
The stacks of gifts are risen above the city skyscrapers in Chicago, piercing the heavens as chocolate boxes rained from atop of a corporate business. The original 9 to 5 workers are now 12 to 12 workers for this insects game of life.
The way slaves are "recruited", is by toxic spores that slowly corrode your conscience and build a new one solely focused on the well being of this beetle. One will go out of their way as to buy the beetle extravagant gifts being luxury cars, jumping castles and otherwise things a beetle would have no use for. Leading to the bankruptcy of said person.
This iridescent beetle isn't limited to humans alone, as animals too have played a role in this beetles love charade. Carcasses of wolves turning on wolves, coyotes gnawing off their arms to present to this succubi of an insect, but this beetle specifically takes its home in Chicago.

© 2012 Kyouma

Author's Note

Feel free to use this idea if need be, and email me at if you so choose to do so.

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Added on June 3, 2012
Last Updated on June 3, 2012
Tags: insect, bug, iridescent, supernatural



North Charleston, SC