Possible reasons people block you.

Possible reasons people block you.

A Story by Relic

Just thoughts.

Some people say they don't understand why they were blocked. Everything seemed fine, then suddenly...poof. 

This can make you feel bad, and with no way of asking, you're left wondering what you did wrong.

Below are just a few possible reasons I came up with that 'might' explain why you were blocked. 

1 The blocker doesn't understand your writing and doesn't want to risk a friend request from you. That would mean returning the favor. 

2 The blocker doesn't like the reviews you give, either to him/her or to others you have reviewed. Perhaps you critique poems and they don't want to take a chance of hearing from you.

3 Gossip. Someone they talked to in a message told them something about you they didn't like. Whether it's true or not, they decide to block you anyway. 

4 The blocker was expecting a reply in the form of a thank you or a return review and they didn't get either. Therefore, you've been expelled from toyland. :)

5 You asked for a friend request and never reviewed. Or, the blocker asked for a friend request and after you accepted, you ignored them. 

6 You get involved in arguments. They may not trust you. 

7 You're not only an egomaniac that posts pictures of woman's butts, you are a bad writer too. :)))

8 You (if you're a guy) alluded to sex in some way and the girl--who's had experience in knowing what you're doing--blocks you before you have a chance.

9 They don't like what you post.

10 You smell.

11 You're weird. 

Okay, so number ten might not be accurate but it fills out ten reasons. :)

So, do you have any ideas you'd like to add to this? Feel free to express your feelings in a comment below. 

Don't feel like leaving a comment because people don't do that anymore? Then go straight to the halls of hell!  Okay, I'm just kidding. I'll just let this sit on my page with no comments. I don't mind. :/  Hell, I've got plenty of writings that went nowhere, what's one more. :)  Craphead!

© 2017 Relic

Author's Note

The font size does not work for me and the box jumps when I try to make a correction. What's here is what's here.

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Lol...In a world like today where 6 out if 10 people, are fake (while two are real with fake accounts) you needn't trust and take people seriously at first hand.In case you've known them for like 2 months or such, don't do the mistake of 'considering them your friends'. Friendship isn't that easy and reliable on any social platforms these days.People aren't real, nor are their identities most often, morever they are just a part of what they Exactly want us to know...So blocking in such cases, is pointless enough to take seriously, just laugh off, forgive, forget and move on.Nobody in the real world stays a 'forever' friend for you( except few) and in a superficial world like this, it's even stupid thinking of it.

Also, for those, whom we befriend, that's not always because we are here to 'sweet talk' and 'pamper' them here.People should better go through the author's note section, where the writer often displays enough info about them, or would better go through some of their pieces.because, honestly, it's ridiculously having tons of people in a friendlist,3/4 th of which the people will even make us wonder, if they were still alive after sending us the friend request 😀😀 and yes, why bother friending people whom one doesn't like, and people whom one gradually starts disliking, (for any reason) should better be 'unfriended' and not blocked.
It's sad tho many people don't know when and whom to actually 'unfriend' and whom should they 'block'.Both are two different things, for a specific reason... Lol sigh*

If still if there's some innocent people here, who are being blocked here(I've seen and heard many telling me that) you people gotta chil, and not stress yourself, because the best thing that happened is, it was not your real world that it happened in!😊
Smile, laugh, and be happy, because people who normally block others without knowing the other person, losse their credibility, and most importantly, lose a friend, a kind of they may never get back😊

Our real world's a big wide place, with many people who would love our presence, let yourselves be valued by real people, in a real world, and not be disrespected, annoyed, and hurt by the fakers and jerks of the social world, who can never handle a precious friendship of real heart😊
You deserve the best, don't settle on the junkies who days go by annoying people for no good reasons.

Thankyou for sharing this piece, Relic😊 I enjoyed reading it

Posted 6 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Months Ago

Thanks so much for your thoughts Saumya. I've come to a lot of the same conclusions.

6 Months Ago

You're most welcome, Relic.😊


I agree with all ten reasons.
Though I think if you reach the ten blocking number.
You should definitely get a coconut.

Posted 6 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Months Ago

Thank you Paul. :)
LMAO. Too funny and very possibly too true I especially like number ten cause, hey! how can you not like my writing! (JK) I wish I could write something, anything. I gots nothing!

Posted 6 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


6 Months Ago

Thanks corset. I got nuthin too. I'm just here. :)

6 Months Ago

That's just all many of us need.

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