She is no more..

She is no more..

A Poem by Nalini Kukreti

Life's a learning. You meet new people, you fall for them and then those people fail you.


With dreams and yearnings
Slumping stance because of weight of expectations
She entered this “obvious” lovely world.
She had huge dreams, mind you as large as Goliath statue
As colossal as the River Thames

Little did she knew, the heart required remark on to.
Off went the dreams, the unsatisfied need to exceed expectations
And, Ah! She succumbed to something that resembled
Yeah, the same 4 letter word most of us have lost to-“LOVE”

Things were good, although now when she glances back at it,
It doesn’t feel so…
He was youthful, so was she
But he preyed on souls and she didn’t have the slightest hint
He continued disappointing her,
however, she generally had her head up
Coz that is the thing that her father dependably advised her…

She looked like she was in love,
But that’s actually what she wanted the world to hear
She was harmed, she was destitute
The young lady with happiness, She was no more.

They went places together yet the unclearness didn’t change
No spots implied anything all she needed, was to implore
Implore till the divine beings could reply,
Why each time it’s the girl who is a liar

Why can’t a girl choose to be happy
And things can change only if a man no more wants it to be?

Among the turmoil, the excursion to salvation started
The journey to apex and life started

Little did she knew, he had better plans for her
What she had been looking for, was right next to her

Be that as it may, she was terrified, how the world would respond
Mind you, a similar world who called her awful
She was alarmed how the people would see her
For picking her bliss by not proceeding to be, with a failure
Why is it so hard to be valid
To pick what your spirit accepts is appropriate for you
The asserted close ones, dependably have a conclusion
In any case, where were these voices when she had none.
Why without fail, she’s to answer thee
And in return get nothing but bad memories….

© 2017 Nalini Kukreti

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Heartfelt write. It shows the difference between free will and freedom of choice. What we choose today, we choose for the rest of the days of our lives! All the more reason to make wise choices. Tyfs!!!

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Added on October 26, 2017
Last Updated on October 26, 2017
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Nalini Kukreti
Nalini Kukreti

Dehradun, HUMANITY, India

well i'm a simple girl. A big time dreamer. i have enormous goals but there isn't any plan... I dont make plans or strategies... I love when it's all random!!!! I want to make a difference, i don't kn.. more..