Conflict Will Set You Free (A Story)

Conflict Will Set You Free (A Story)

A Story by Ibrahim Hoti

A story of a desperate man who's set free by violence, but becomes dangerously addicted in the process.


"Piss off, you piece of s**t!" That was the last thing I heard before I woke up on the banks of the river Thames with an aching head and what turned out to be three broken ribs. Those were the days when I would roam the streets, doing anything I could do to try to join a gang. You see, back then being in a gang meant everything; it was the difference between constantly living in fear of a home invasion and being able to walk into any government office and do anything you want. I, however, had a problem; nobody in my family ever did anything or knew anybody of even minimal importance. This meant I had absolutely no connections and thus had zero links and no reputation whatsoever. I was a nobody trying to make it big among the creme of the neighbourhood. Every single time I tried my luck, I would have to change my name and wipe my identity clean, and still, nobody would even bat an eye at me. To all the gang members, I was common scum and nothing more. To add to that, most gangs either don't take kindly to common people coming up to them and asking if they can join just like that, or find out that I've spoken to other gangs. This resulted in me getting the s**t beaten out of me more times than I can remember (though that may be partly due to all the hits to the temple I received). Most of the time, I got the worse side of brass knuckles, crowbars, and cricket bats. Heck, I'd thank god if I ever just got beaten up with bare fists.

Back then I couldn't imagine a single bloody plus side to my constant failures, but the glorious day of harvesting the seeds I had sown did finally arrive. On that particular day, I, as usual, headed off to search for another gang, but this time, I set out with a completely different plan. The night before, I had decided that I'd had enough of all that s**t I had to take from all the gangsters, and that day, I decided that if any of those c***s even lays a finger on me, I would fight back. That day, I would make a complete shift in my approach. No longer would I be viewed as a weak punching bag p***y, who comes over just to get his a*s beaten up. In retrospect, I see just how wrong that plan could have gone, but at that point, I was too desperate to not try something new that could potentially gain the respect of a gang. When I did come across my first gang after many hours of searching the area, I stepped up, went through my usual routine and with a strange kind of confidence, felt calmer than I had ever been, when waiting for a reply from the gangsters. 

We all stood there for a good while, before one of the gangsters broke the stalemate, and socked me right in the face. At that moment, with barely any hesitation, I did something I couldn't have dreamt of doing only a week back, and in the process, I was about to change my life forever. I punched him right in the nose, He and his mates returned the favour many times over, but I just wouldn't lie down and let them have their way with it. "Lie down, you little prick" yelled the gangster whose nose I had just busted. Still, I kept fighting and squirming as I laid there in that dark alleyway, with blood pouring out, all over my face. I stood there getting my face bashed in and I loved it. Not only did I just bust up some c**t's nose, but it was then that I saw the difference between a fight, and just getting beaten up. For so long, I would lay down and take all the beatdowns anybody had for me, but I was different now. Now I saw that if I was gonna take s**t from people, I was also gonna give the s**t right back to them. 

It was that day that I became the king of my domain and finally arrived at the long overdue conclusion that I don't need a gang. That day, violence set me free and not only would I not take any s**t anymore, I would now give the s**t to the people who gave it to me too. Later that evening, once the fight was over, I crawled and limped my way back to my apartment, and for the entire night, just sat there, with my face still stained red with blood and with my body barely able to properly move, I sat there and I loved every single moment of it. I felt an incredible sensation every time a drop off still fresh blood would find its way into my mouth, and I couldn't get enough of the taste on my tongue, when I'd lick blood off my red stained teeth, I was in a lot of physical pain but for the first time in a long time, I felt good and free. Largely due to my physical condition, more than twenty-four hours had passed by the time I found enough physical strength to get up off my seat and crawl over to the bathroom sink. I proceeded to scrub my face and mouth like I had never done before and left just a few blood stained teeth, and a subtle taste of blood in my tongue. Before, I would've been quite upset at my toothbrush and soap's lack of ability to get the blood off my tongue, but this time, weirdly enough, I was pleased with the outcome. I liked the way it tasted; it almost seemed addictive. 

After taking the most physically excruciating shower of my life, I decided I would go out and search for those same gangsters again. However, it was only when I got up and stepped out of my house, that I fully realised the faint trail of blood that had followed me to my apartment last night. I stumbled all the back to the beginning of the trail, but before I could reach there, I got my lip busted up by a brass knuckle. It was the gang from yesterday, who now went on to even further disfigure my already cut open face. I still fought back, though, summoning the last bit of strength I had left in the tank. As I saw the light begin to fade, I kept on jabbing back, using my tranquility and happiness as my engine. The beatdowns were savage yet, in those last few days, I had achieved more than I had ever achieved before, I would die as a content person. 

© 2016 Ibrahim Hoti

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Nice story. I love the character and short but powerful story.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is quite the exceptional piece of writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very good writing. I personally am impressed

Posted 2 Years Ago

I loved the gritty feel of the story. A great short story indeed

Posted 2 Years Ago

simply excellent writing. I did truly enjoy the character development

Posted 2 Years Ago

Excellent story. You seem like a rather promising writer

Posted 2 Years Ago

ufff what a story yaar. nicely done. good character, dark as well

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Ibrahim Hoti
Ibrahim Hoti

Islamabad, South Asia, Pakistan

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