The Editorial Initiative (Article)

The Editorial Initiative (Article)

A Story by Ibrahim Hoti

How my team and I set up the college newspaper club.


At the beginning of the academic term for 2015-16 at Westminster College, the school administration showed great support and faith in the establishment of a new college newspaper, multiple years after it had its first one. Alongside that, a school club was set up to produce the newspaper, which included thirteen initial members and gradually grew to have twenty-four members after the first newspaper was published and released. Even though the newspaper initiative may have been quickly set up in Westminster, the effort to set up a school newspaper club goes further back. In my previous school, Khaldunia, I was the Editor for the school magazine, and I and my fellow editors tried to set up a school newspaper, but the school wasn’t as willing to give enough support or funding to the project for it to be properly run.


The first blueprint for the newspaper (in Khaldunia) was supposed to be only one page, which had articles submitted by students, a section for news, and other small features. By the time I got to Westminster, the newspaper idea had shifted to being more focused on a team effort and a proper club that would produce every newspaper, and one that would assign solid responsibilities to each member of a team, rather than get random articles from students, who aren’t properly members of the club. With this new idea, it was vital to set up article pieces to delegate, to different club members. The different newspaper features (and the club members who wrote them) were the Editor’s Note (Ibrahim Hoti), the Assistant Editor’s Note (Maria Gulzar), Polls (Ibrahim Hoti), the School Calendar (Ibrahim Hoti), Credits (Ibrahim Hoti), Advice (Areesha Tasawwur), Jokes (Haider Umair Ahmar and Ibrahim Hoti) and Student Election Recaps (Danish Mohammad). Other duties included World News (Danish Saeed), World News (Maria Gulzar), LGS Trophy Review (Noor Ayyaz) and Media (Ibrahim Hoti). The newspaper also saw an amazing feature article by Mashud Barlas, who added his photography to an article on Skardu and tourism in the northern areas, called “The Land Of The Giants”. Hashir Barlas also wrote a great article about his amazing success story in the sport of shooting, which was accompanied by great photography.


The new newspaper, “The Westminster News Line”, had a lot of much-appreciated help from a lot of people but that doesn’t go without saying there were many challenges in starting the newspaper club and publishing the newspaper. The process of writing, producing, printing and then publishing a newspaper is a very lengthy process when you add together the amount of time it takes for all the members of a very large club to hand in pieces of typed out writing, then having it properly edited, and finally having all the copies printed out at the printing press, which usually takes a matter of weeks. Having that factor compiled with needing many team members to turn in assignments in time meant the production of only one newspaper took a lot of time.  Even though the club didn’t produce that many newspapers this year, we still did manage to officially publish a college newspaper, and that’s due to the amazing work of all the club members who handed in pieces of writing. With myself (Ibrahim Hoti) as the Chief Editor of the College Newspaper and Maria Gulzar as the Joint Editor of the Newspaper, we managed to, along with the rest of our team, write all the pieces for the newspaper and make sure all the writing was at hand for publishing. As well as that, the club also received great help from the school’s principal as well as its graphic designer who compiled all the articles and pieces in the format that we had decided upon. All these efforts not only helped start the Westminster Newspaper Club but also saw its numbers nearly double in a year, and we hope that the next academic term will be yet another progressive step forward for the club.

© 2016 Ibrahim Hoti

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Added on August 3, 2016
Last Updated on August 3, 2016


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Ibrahim Hoti

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