Drowning in Centuries

Drowning in Centuries

A Poem by Kayla

A poem I wrote about an old flame who dragged me around and played with my emotions.


Drowning in Centuries

Sometimes I feel like you stare right through me.

I’m a ghost, a vase that’s been on that ratty table for centuries.

It escapes me when I try to get through to you,

I don’t love you for what you think, I love you for all you do.

You’re my everything and I just want to be yours,

Yet I experience your love as much as your scorn.

Your love hurts, even more than it heals,

And I self-pity more than I have ever laughed.

I’m trapped in a vicious cycle, and it tears me apart,

Your love, your hate, your sisterly bond.

I drown in emotions that I don’t want,

While you watch safely from the shore.

I only want to be friends, yet I want to be so much more,

And you don’t know, won’t tell me, what you desire.

I’ve become so animated I should be the worlds’ strongest flame.

Yet the ice I’ve had to place around my heart,

Stops any such foolishness from coming to life.

I just wish you would let me go, and do the thing,

I can’t do on my own.

This suffering isn’t worth the pain,

And yet I love the hurt. It’s something I can grasp,

Something of yours- while everything else is evasive, this is here.

So I suffer alone, ready to take on the years.

Centuries is what I have with you,

Even further into death.

Because, no matter what, you’re always on my mind,

I can’t forget anything, can’t let go.

You’re my pill- I’m addicted but I know what you do to me.

I swallow and I feel pain, I want to reject you, but you stay.

This silence is wearing me down, words even more so,

Because I know anything I express will only be returned in halves.

In the end, I would rather not have loved.

Then I wouldn’t know what it is to lose.

I would rather not have gotten close, but as I have, I have come to feel,

Even if I only spend a day, with you I will spend Centuries.

© 2017 Kayla

Author's Note

I get that this isn't formatted in the best of ways. I'll fix it at a later date.

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This was excellent in so many ways. I enjoyed reading every bit of it. It drew me in from the very beginning. Again I loved it.

Posted 8 Months Ago

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8 Months Ago

Thank you for the kind words! ^.^
I drown in emotions that I don’t want. This silence is wearing me down, words even more so,, so true!

Posted 8 Months Ago

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BEAUTIFUL! The intricacy of the thoughts that this poem is trying to convey is so beautifully knitted that I am struck. Loved it!

Posted 8 Months Ago

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8 Months Ago

Thank you for your kind review! ^.^ It was just something I vomited out onto the page tbh, so I'm gl.. read more
Being taken for granted and not appreciated.This is a painful end to a painful story...or has it ended?

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Haha it has definitely ended. But it is so much better that way. She was very toxic for me.
Wow! you're choice of words amaze me. I'm really glad i stumbled upon this piece.

feel free to check out some of my pieces as well. xo

Posted 8 Months Ago

Very thought provoking a great piece of writing,
Personally I Feel it needs more rhythm and rather than just having long lines of text I would have preferred to see more structured stanzas as some of the powerful lines could have really hit home if you were to have them as single lines for example

"I should be the worlds strangest flame!"

Posted 8 Months Ago

{A}shley {B}lack @-;-

8 Months Ago

Sometimes that is the best way just get it out i've done that many times before but then gone back a.. read more

8 Months Ago

Yeah, I'll probably do that eventually. Honestly, just the rawness of the poem is what I need right .. read more
{A}shley {B}lack @-;-

8 Months Ago

Oh I love spam and trust me it gets easier a lot of my poetry was when I was younger nearer to your .. read more

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Added on November 5, 2017
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