The Future Doesn't Wait

The Future Doesn't Wait

A Chapter by Mika Franolich

Chapter 2: Finding Able

I woke up the next morning to squealing and fists pounding my shoulder. “Marcius, ya righ’ basterd, get the f**k off of me!”

“Noooo, can’t. Too comfy.” I groaned as I buried my head in what had to be the softest pillow of all time.

“Marcius-” she began to squeal again, but I quieted her.

“Shush, woman- my head is pounding and I have no tolerance for your insufferable nagging right now.”

“Oh yeah?” she hissed, danger in her voice.

“Yes.” I confirmed with the same threatening note.

The next thing I knew there was a whack to my head. I shot up roaring as an unrelenting pain began radiating throughout my already thoroughly-bothered head.

“You little bi-” I began, but I heard her jump up and run off before I could finish. I opened my eyes, blinking against the sudden rush of light but managing to keep them open. I swiveled so I was looking down at where Wress stood at the bottom of the stairs. Safely away from me, she had the nerve to look defiant after what she had done.

“Next time ye get it in yer bleeding mind ter get so stinkin’ drunk yew can’t get ter bed, you make sure not to be thinkin’ of fa’in asleep on me!” she stormed, fists planted firmly in her hips. “Now come on wiff you t’en, we gots us a ship to buy.”

“Bloody hell, woman!” I groaned as I relaxed against the steps, my hands rubbing my temples in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain. I heard Wress storm off below. Someone walked up to me and tapped me gently on the shoulder. I opened my eyes to see Vik hovering over me, a mug in his hands.

“I had one of the girls fix ya this up, I figured it’d set you right, it would. You don’t have no time to be laying here. Wress, bless her dumb heart, were right. We’ve gots us a ship, and we needs to go and be getting it fore the days end. It’s no bright thing, havin’ all that gold layin’ around here in Cheapside.” he said quietly as he handed me a cup of what I saw to be coffee.

“I didn’t know they had anything so grand in this place.” I commented wryly. I accepted the offering and took a sip. A warm feeling blossomed through me. “Ah, Vikas, Gods save you, you had them put rum in there.”

He gave me a small wink. “I don’t not be knowings how to fix someone right up.”

I drained the coffee as quickly as I could, knowing both Wress and Vikas were right. When I was ready, I grabbed the gold I’d hidden on the inside of the bed and wrapped it around me once more, throwing on the same loose shirt from yesterday and a cloak over that. With that, I was ready to go and begin my new life.

“She is so perfect, Marcius. Is she really ours?” Wress breathed as she strode along the deck of the newly bought, yet not so new, Vengeance. Her hand went down and gracefully slid along the rail of the ship, old and weathered yet shined to perfection, so it gleamed like the freshest of honey.

“She’s mine- don’t forget who is captain. And don’t get too attached. It’s only temporary.” I warned as I surveyed the ship from the hull, my hands lightly resting on the wooden curve of the helm, but a smile stretched across my face, underlying my harsh words. I am rarely able to give Wress this much pleasure, and her happiness stirred emotions in me that I had long believed to be dead. I suppose I have more affection for her than I care to admit to anyone. Caring is weakness, and that can be extorted. I refuse to give the people around me anything to use against me. People are loyal in this underground world of mine, where darkness covers every corner, despite the scum that surrounds us. There is honor among thieves, that much is true, but regardless of that I would still be putting myself too much at risk by revealing my true emotions. The truth is, I would do anything for any of my friends, including Wress- especially Wress.  

Besides, it was hard not to feel elated in that moment. The Vengeance was a beauty; for his first ship, Marcius was quite proud of her. She was a sloop, the fastest ship on the water. She had a sleek build like that of a newborn colt, and was just as giddy as one. She would cut through waves like lightning across the sky, claiming the ocean furiously as her own. She had been picked specifically for her speed. It was a means to an end. The maneuverability and swiftness would be paramount in commandeering a bigger ship.

“What be the plan, mate?” Vik asked, coming up to me and staring off into the distance. I leaned on the wheel as I looked out over the heaving waters contemplatively.

“We sail to Erandia.”

“Bahh, Erandia. Sounds like a fate worse t’en death, it does. I hear tha’ their woman are right nuns over there.”

“Perhaps, but they have superior ships. If we want to leave our legacy upon this world we’ll be best served by an Erandian ship. Besides, nuns tend to have fat coffers.”

Vik grunted in response, seemingly satisfied with that answer. Thieves aren’t so far off from pirates- the difference between the two is as simple as a matter of location. As such, the pirate spirit ran through all of us, and gold called to us more strongly than even the song of heaven.

“We could jus’ as readily find ‘n Erandian ship over here. Why do we haf to sail a’ tha bleedin’ way to Erandia? Yew have somethin’ else in mind, don’tcha?” my second mate, Tryver, interjected. He had been silently watching us the whole while. He was an observant fellow, more brains and skills than brawn. Unfortunately for him, brawns came first in the land of downtrodden thieves.

“There’s a lot Erandia had to offer.”

“Yer kipping somethin’ from us.”

“Just trying to save a little bit of good news for a time when you sorry b******s need it.”

“I haf half o’ a mind to punch ye righ’ abou’ now.” growled Vik.

“Careful, first mate. That is mutiny.” I grinned, cuffing his cheek.

From the hull down below us there came a loud thump, followed by a curse. Muttering around my breath, I started striding angrily down the stairs.

“Excuse me, men, I have a sailor to whiplash.” I growled.

“OY, you! Drop my supplies again and you’ll be put on cleaning duty for a week.” I roared at the medium-build buffoon with a face that resembled a bulldog chewing on nails who was currently hopping up and down while holding his foot, the barrel he had been holding slowly rolling back and forth with the sway of the boat.

“Yes sir, Captain, sorry, Captain.”

“Why are you still standing there? Grab that barrel!” I raged, striding towards it and lifting it with ease before shoving it back into his arms.

“Sorry, Captain.” the man blustered once more before hurrying off as quickly as his limp would allow.

“So it begins.” I grumbled, averting my eyes in disgust. Watching him limp was painful for me. I felt a pair of slim arms slip around me comfortingly.

“Yer a right b*****d, yew are. I love s’in yew in action.” Wress purred as she wriggled against me.

Reaching up, I squeezed her hand. “Wress, why don’t you supervise things here while I go make sure everything is in order? We have to be ready to be underway within the hour.”

I couldn’t see her, but I knew Wress was grinning like the fool she was behind me. She rushed off immediately. She probably felt so important right now. I didn’t spurn her that, but I hadn’t given her the order for the reason she expected. On the contrary, delegating any duty that a Captain should rightfully be doing left me feeling highly uneasy. This couldn’t be helped, though. I had to get rid of her. Her body was just too damn distracting.

Gritting my teeth, I mentally content myself with an evening of having to ready the ship for departure while having a hard on. It was going to be a long, hard afternoon.

© 2017 Mika Franolich

Author's Note

Mika Franolich
To be honest this is a filler chapter. I realize nothing all that exciting happens here. It's after this that the real fun really starts to kick in ;)

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