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Listen up, MY FRIENDS... this is your reminder that Labor Day is almost here. 

If you do not know it already, a large population of HOME-LOST people are VETERANS! (Why am I talking about Veterans on Labor Day? Does it matter, this is just 
one more day to stop and look at what they have done for us.)

That's right, our HEROES who have placed themselves in the front line, to defend our rights to freedom, peace, and all of the simple pleasures we take for granted. 

Just look in some of their faces, the pain - the history!

As I bring up Labor Day, Veterans all over this country are struggling to eat, sleep, PURCHASE much needed MEDICATION and so on...

What would YOU say, If I told you that cute little neighbor girl that you haven't seen in a while, is sleeping on the stairwell of an abandoned church because her mommy was left alone to hold the fort down... and lost her house. 

THERE IS A SOLUTION! We are here to help, not just in one area of our country, but everywhere... we are STONE TO BREAD and we need your help to help our homeless Veterans and families! 

But here is that catch you were looking for! WE NEED YOU TO DONATE CLICKS, LIKES and MINUTES! NO, we are not asking you to toss some cash into the pot... actually, we just need you to LIKE OUR PAGE (not just the stories or photos) at Facebook.

The clicks and minutes you can donate is through our brand NEW website -

Here you will find a members link, it is free to become a member and guess what (ONLY TAKES A MINUTE!) NO... you don't input card information or anything, STONE to BREAD is a free membership and you get your own page. 

Furthermore, your CLICK donation is you reading and clicking around on our webiste, commenting on our stories and linking it to your facebook account. NOTHING MORE.

So, how are we helping these folks if we are not asking for money? 

That's where you come in with word of mouth... impression on your friends to follow the same path you just did. CLICKS, LIKES and MINUTES... this is all we need to get advertising on our pages so that we can provide the life for our HOMELESS Veterans and Families everywhere. 

Did your Grandpa come back with stories about the war? 

Please LIKE, CLICK and Provide MINUTES to our site; we have a challenge for FACEBOOK 10,000 likes in thirty days.

We have a challenge for our website 1M members in 30 days. (sound impossible?) it's not, spread the word! 

Thank you for listening and taking action!

Stone to Bread/InnerSpirit

© 2012 InnerSpirit

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Added on August 25, 2012
Last Updated on August 25, 2012



I wish I was from, CA

Nefarious Nefarious

A Story by InnerSpirit


A Poem by InnerSpirit