The nights we spent together

The nights we spent together

A Poem by Resa

The nights we spent together, From my memory ,
Never to fade.
The nights we talked, and laughed , the passionate love we so often made.

The nights we spent together,
Through all of my eternity,
I never shall forget.
Even though our time was cut short,
Our nights together, I never will regret.

The nights we spent together,
Rewound the reels of time.
The only thing that mattered then was that I was yours, and you mine.

The nights we spent together,
Engaged by a warm and tender kiss, that kiss
That always opened the gates to pure euphoric bliss.

The nights we spent together,
Laying side by side perfectly naked ,perfectly comfortable for the first time .living inside my own skin.
You made me feel that I was so very special.
You always told me that. I could do a lot better than you.
This couldn’t have been further from truth.
Those nights we spent together, gave me back my youth.

The nights we spent together,
Sometimes, became so painful, we shared each other’s tears.
Those were the nights our magic had been stolen and we were dwelling on our deepest fears

you’ve been gone now, for some while.
The nights we spent together,
Will forever make me smile.
I wish you hadn’t gone that way.
I screamed, I cried, I cut you down.
The weight of your lifeless body, knocked me to the ground.
Still I rolled over, both of us sprawled out across the floor.
Holding you close, begging you not to leave me here.
The paramedics are at the door.
The EMTs pushed me away from you, I understood they we’re trying to save you, that’s what paramedics do.
They were so determined.
The defibrillator computer kept telling them “ charge not recommended “ over and over again.
They did everything possible to try and save you.
- [ ] That Monday morning I lost my sweet love, my eternal best friend

© 2018 Resa

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Added on February 4, 2018
Last Updated on February 4, 2018



Brentwood , CA

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