Where Will We All Be?

Where Will We All Be?

A Poem by Lucy Kennedy

What am I doing?

Am I throwing away my ambitions?

Or am I gaining my dreams?

Should I believe in superstitions?


I thought I filled that hole in my heart.

I thought I felt when my soul was whole.

I need to escape that dark box.

Yet, I still feel so alone.


My mouth no longer is shut,

by fear and the unknkown.

I'm open to the point of infection.

Yet, I'm back in that empty room.


My body yearns for his touch.

Yet, I know that will not be enough.

I spent my days as an angel.

I spent my days trying to be tough.


I still feel broken inside.

He doesn't help me live.

He only helps me hide.

and I've known him my whole life.


Could you look me in the eyes?

Would you see the pain, I hold?

Could you take all my lies,

and break me when I'm bold?


I'm tired of living like a child.

I once had my brasses on,

and now i am so mild.

Will I ever feel like myself?


I sit here wondering about my future.

I don't want to end up like her.

I wonder if he'll want me.

If she'll lie again,

but am I really any better than them?


I led her out of the dark forest.

So we could walk among the flowers,

and here we are at the edge of a cliff.

Somewhere, I lost my way.


Where do we go now?

Where do I go now?

Was it my fault?

Was it me?

Was it her, was it him?

Or is noone to blame?

Or maybe, was it them?

Where will we all be in the end?

© 2009 Lucy Kennedy

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Added on December 10, 2009


Lucy Kennedy
Lucy Kennedy

Pittsburgh, PA

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