the saddest

the saddest

A Poem by Alm

Scarred legs, pale skin

chipped polish on yellowed nails

A dagger sharp gaze



blunt, bloodied, blind

with age


Wrinkled skin




a sallow face.


Your words

scathing, scorching, sure


have lost

their edge--


your intelligence, withering.


Ghosts of a smile

dance around you, taunting.


Never beautiful enough

never smart enough






never enough


Bones jutting out

voices, oh so, seemingly


cover your ears, then


Paper thin skin rips

sweet blood, sugar blood


when do you plan to go?


Your eye, all alone--

like you--gazes hollow.


Pearl earrings drop back into the ocean.

You could be the saddest in the world.

© 2013 Alm

Author's Note

a whimsical form on a dark topic?

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"I don't claim to write well."


Well then, you can start claiming now.

That was so... twisted. And dark. And brilliantly written.

Humph. *stomps away muttering to self*

It's unfair that some people get all the talent, and the modesty. :P

But anyway, the poem. I really liked the format, and the italics added nice emphasis. It made it somehow... cut. Or punch. Or something. It's so sad, and angry, and vicious. It doesn't whisper or sing like some poetry, it stands in front of you and screams in your face.

Nice write! I really don't understand why this isn't at the top of the popular writing list. It deserves to be there. Very emotional piece, and it's quite deep. And that's kind of scary. You are enough, and if someone doesn't think so, their opinion isn't worth it anyway. Seriously. I don't even know you, but you're so much cooler than the majority of people I know in real life. Just because you actually do have emotions, instead of most people, who have no purpose in life.

Okay, I am DEFINITELY too tired to be reading poetry. I'm not making any sense at all.

Well, I shall stop wasting your time now. Adios!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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By the sea, in a land called Honah Lee

Alm is short for Alyssa Marie. I'm sixteen now, I don't claim to write well. I'm sorry if I review bad. Sometimes I bake snickerdoodles, the smell of cinnamon and vanilla on my fingertips lingers... more..

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