Ode to the OG’s

Ode to the OG’s

A Poem by J L Solomon

Historical fiction.

When I was just a boy,
daddy carved me out a toy.
I'd run around and play
the old men in town would say:
"Johnny's got a gun,
he's got the devil on the run.
Now son, don't have too much fun
or you'll end up a lousy bum."

When I turned eighteen,
I was fast, strong, and mean.
That old family farm just wasn't my dream,
I couldn't earn my living planting seeds.
Instead I made the bookies debtors bleed.

Momma wouldn't look me in the face,
Daddy said I was a disgrace.
So I took my gun to New Orleans
walked down crowded streets,
listening to the Accordions.
The women were pretty,
the whiskey was cheap,
soon the underworld life was gettin deep.

I made friends with a big Scillian fellow
named Marcelo.
He put me to work
packing his problems into barrels of lye.
Over the next few years
I helped a lot of men die.

But I had a dark haired girl
a bag of white powder
two fifths of gin and the comfort of
knowing I'd never work daddy's farm again.

The years went on lighting fast,
it never entered my mind
the fun wouldn't last.

The Kennedys came down hard on
Organized Crime.
Marcelo kept saying we'd all be fine,
so our gangstering group didn't quit.
Now here I sit in this Federal Cell
spending a lot of time thinking
about God and Hell.

I keep asking the Good Lord
to forgive my sins.
Surly He knows I won't do them again,
cause when they finally let me out
of this pen.
I'll be just two days shy
of a hundred and ten.

© 2017 J L Solomon

Author's Note

J L Solomon
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!
I appreciate all feedback.

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Dig this read a lot. Created a nice visual from beginning to end.

Really liked these lines....
I keep asking the Good Lord
to forgive my sins.
Surly He knows I won't do them again,

Reminds me the Animals song Dont let me be misunderstood....

Posted 1 Year Ago

J L Solomon

1 Year Ago

I appreciate the review. I had a lot of fun writing this one, no one has ever paid much attention to.. read more

1 Year Ago

I'd rather read a prison story than a love poem so thank you!

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1 Review
Added on November 2, 2017
Last Updated on November 3, 2017
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