Heartbroken © 2008 By: J.L. Jacobs

Heartbroken © 2008 By: J.L. Jacobs

A Poem by JL Jacobs

I wrote this poem shortly after my ex-husband had cheated on me and left me for another woman. If you like and/or can relate to this poem, please comment your own story.


Heartbroken © 2008 

By: J.L. Jacobs

In the morning when I wake 
and open up my eyes,
I feel this aching in my heart
and then I realize…

How much I really loved you,
and long to have you here.
My heart is filled with sadness,
while my eyes are full of tears.

At different times throughout the day,
I find that I'm missing you.
I wonder if, perhaps a bit,
maybe you’re missing me too?

I crave you in the shower,
when I'm in there all alone.
I loved the way you’d touch me,

with the tenderness you’ve shown.


When I check all my messages
and find there’s nothing left from you,
I sigh then weep and cry out loud-

knowing there’s nothing I can do.

I think by now it's safe to say,
that I long for you so much.
My heart will never be the same,
now that you crave another’s touch.


I wonder what went wrong,

how did things get this bad?

Why did you leave me for her,

when I gave you all I had?


You promised me once upon a time,

with the vows you spoke to me…

Through the good, bad, sickness and health-

and in return I happily agreed.


Now you’re with another woman,

and you have torn apart my heart.

The fact that you cheated on me,

Is by far the worst part!


Have you no sense of integrity,

to spare me all the shame?

You treated our marriage,

as if it were nothing but a game.


So I will sit back patiently,

and quietly observe.

Knowing that Karma’s a b***h,

and you’ll get what you deserve!

© 2016 JL Jacobs

Author's Note

JL Jacobs
This is my personal feelings towards a heartbreaking experience I went through.

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JL Jacobs

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