My War with RSD © 2009

My War with RSD © 2009

A Poem by JL Jacobs

RSD, known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is a very rare disease that attacks the central nervous system. This disease is medically documented as being the WORST form of chronic pain with no cure.


My War with RSD © 2009

By: Jessica L. Jacobs



Why is it so hard for people to believe

that the pain I feel is real?

Whenever I say “My pain is bad,”

It’s not something I want to reveal.


What it is I have and cope with,

in every second of every day.

I’m telling you what it’s like-

"It’s pain in the worst way!"


But people can never seem to conceive,

 just how bad it makes me feel…

I’m so sick and tired of explaining it,

“Hey, this pain is truly real!”


Whatever has happened to me-

the woman who used to do it all?

Where is the person I was…

Can my memory even recall?


Will the burning pain ever cease,

by keeping me in its vise-like grip?

Will I ever get my old life back,

to end this hopeless trip?


Will my memory get better,

and be like is used to be before?

Cause making endless lists of reminders,

Is such a constant chore.


I want to stop being dependent upon,

taking a ton of daily pills.

A crutch they have become to me,

and they make me feel so ill.


How many friends will I be able to keep,

as I have lost so many already.

One by one they disappear,

"Will any of them prove to be steady?"


I don’t want to lose my purpose in life,

from RSD and its unrelenting pain.

It’s a burning pain that is so intense-

My body is literally a living flame!


I don’t want to lose hope in this battle,

against my enemy called RSD.

It may fight a dirty war,

But it will NEVER beat all of me!


It may have conquered my body,

It may have taken part of my soul.

But RSD will never defeat all of me,

"I refuse to give it full control!"

© 2016 JL Jacobs

Author's Note

JL Jacobs
I live with this disease and want to raise awareness through my written words.

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I especially hate to hear of young people suffering with a chronic illness-- it makes me wonder about that part of my faith that tells me everything happens for a reason. Perhaps in a way it makes you in part who you are-- that last stanza shows the courage of a lioness. Keeping in mind that God is not easy (neither are we humans) and tends to parse His miracles, I will pray for you-- and keep writing, for your disease, your suffering is not taking 'part of your soul', but tempering it-- and giving you an undefinable power.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Thank you for sharing your poem. Knowledge shares is wealth for the reader. Pain is hard to take. I liked your honest thoughts and the strong ending.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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JL Jacobs
JL Jacobs

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