Never Lose Hope By: Jessica L. Jacobs © 2008

Never Lose Hope By: Jessica L. Jacobs © 2008

A Poem by JL Jacobs

This poem is dedicated to those who suffer from RSD/CRPS.


Never Lose Hope © 2008

By: Jessica L. Jacobs 

I am here if you need me,

I feel the pain you do….

I know how it feels

When you feel so gosh darn blue.


Living with the worst pain

We’ll ever have to feel…

It’s the ugliest truth

We’ll ever reveal.


For who could understand

what we really feel inside?

We can describe the pain,

but will they think we’ve lied?


Like we could possibly lie

about the worst pain ever….

Honestly, do people believe

that we could really be that clever?


It’s an ugly fact that we live

with this disease….

Can anyone possibly imagine

being hurt by a gentle breeze?


But not only the burning pain

that we’re forced to endure…

We live with a disease

that is literally so obscure.


So I am here if you need me-

I wish I had you too…

I need someone to talk to

who understands why I’m so blue.


But even if we never talk,

just know one thing for sure…

I am someone who feels,

the same pain you’re forced to endure.


So never lose hope…

And battle through and through.

It may be really painful,

but I believe in you.


Please don’t let this disease

to cause so much strife,

that you would even put a thought

into ending your own life.


It’s not worth it in the end,

when your light is gone;

others left to mourn your loss-

can you expect them to be that strong?

© 2016 JL Jacobs

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Author's Note

JL Jacobs
This poem was written for those who suffer with a rare & incurable disease called RSD/CRPS.

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Added on May 12, 2016
Last Updated on May 12, 2016
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JL Jacobs
JL Jacobs

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