As The Saying Goes © 2015 By: J.L. Jacobs

As The Saying Goes © 2015 By: J.L. Jacobs

A Poem by JL Jacobs

This is a quirky poem using popular motto's about life's up's and down's.


As The Saying Goes © 2015 

By: J.L. Jacobs

When life gives you lemons,

make some lemonade and drink it up.

When the glass is half empty,

pour yourself a refill.

When the going gets tough,

just grin and bear it.

If you have a chip on your shoulder,

brush it off.

Something can be a piece of cake,

but it can also be a slice of pie.

When you are back at square one,

go in a new direction.

If you bark up a new tree,

enjoy the view.

If you're afraid to break the ice,

then let it melt away.

If someone wants to burst your bubble,

blow some more.

Don't cry of spilled milk,

juice is way stickier.

If you want to cut to the chase,

you'd better be prepared.

Curiosity might kill the cat,

but the lack of it can kill your imagination. 

If you're stuck in between a rock and a hard place,

then pull yourself out and find a new place to dwell.

Blood may be thicker than water,

but you cannot sustain life on blood. Water is crucial.

If the cat has your tongue,

write your thoughts down instead.

When you are caught red handed,

paint it blue. Purple is a lovely color.

When it's time to eat some humble pie,

don't fret; Pie is good for the soul.

If you feel like giving a cold shoulder,

ask yourself why and heat it up.

Feeling like quitting cold turkey?

Cool. It's likely for the best.

Go the whole nine yards,

because going half the distance doesn't get you to your destination.

If you need to let your hair down,

then shake it out... shake it out!

If you have been saved by the bell,

ring it and be grateful. 

Always show your true colors;

life is a rainbow. Besides, black & white is so dull.

Go ahead and sleep tight,

dreams can be inspirational.

When you want to spill the beans,

be prepared to clean up the mess afterwards. 

If you wake up on the wrong wide of the bed,

smile because at least you're alive. 

As the saying goes,

bite the bullet because life is too damned short!

© 2016 JL Jacobs

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Added on May 12, 2016
Last Updated on May 12, 2016
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