With Love, From His Inamorata

With Love, From His Inamorata

A Story by JLily98

A letter from his mistress to his love.


To His Dearest Lady,

I regret to inform you of my existence but needed to thank you for all you’ve done.

We had met once before on the first Thursday of May. I knew your name and title, but you hadn’t a clue of mine. Or, maybe you had, causing your covetous behavior. I know women, including myself, have a built-in intuition when it comes to certain situations, specifically one such as ours, but I must admit to being guilty of deliberately choosing to be ignorant as to why you saw me as a threat. Nevertheless, a competition was never my outright intent until a week or two before our encounter.

It had come to my attention that you lost sight of what you had with whom you had such an incredible opportunity. It’s none of my business, as mine isn’t any of yours, but curiosity still lingers. Do you love him? Would you choose what’s best for him? Would you let him go just so he could live an exultant life? Would you sacrifice the pain of letting him go, just to see his radiance transmit to the woman he truly loves? But, most importantly, would you accept his love in the way he’s accepted your grievous treatment?

I’m assuming you two had a strong beginning, hence the reason he’s been with you for so long, but lost that strength somewhere along the line causing him to find me and I am nothing but grateful. Because of your lack of endearment, he and I were able to fall. Although I can’t assume the extent of your feelings towards each other, all I can say is: we fell hard.

I hadn’t realized the depths of my feelings for the man you claim to be your own until I came to the conclusion that it would be best for him and I to part ways due to the sorrow I felt for you possibly knowing of my existence. But, after our encounter, I had become aware of your cunning ways. I do believe you had an attraction towards him, but you hadn’t any passion for him. Selfish, perhaps, of not wanting to be alone, but rather lure him into obtaining your loneliness together.

You must’ve known what you were doing. Most of our time spent, he mentioned not a word of you, but on the rare occasions that he did, I took notes. His eyes focused on the movement of his feet to keep our pace in sync, they only ever met with mine in reassurance that my attention was on him. His demeanor was not one I had been familiar with. It was saddening to see his face and to hear it in his voice almost a plea of wanting it to work between you two, but getting closer to surrendering in a battle with only a shield as his weapon.

So, I took advantage of the opportunity you left me with. I made sure he’d know what it felt like to be cared for, to be given attention, but most importantly, to be wanted. I wanted him to crave me when around you. I wanted him to get frustrated that you weren’t me. Although I achieved my goal, it came with a catch. One of the days meant for him and I to spend together, I had to cancel due to personal reasons and he had spent it with you. He told me the frustration crept in causing him to relieve his tension onto you by allowing you to enter into our world of bliss. Knowing that I felt nothing but pride, but was also envious anytime he spoke of these moments. But, it was comforting to know he experienced the same feelings as I.

As of this point, I know more about your future than you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a happy ending for you, which prompts to my curiosity once your tragic ending occurs. How could you allow him to slip away? How could you look at his smile at least once and not want to see it any chance you could? How could you not want to hear his voice, let alone his laugh? How could you not want to be the one to make him happy? How could you allow yourself to be subdued to your own desires? Did you realize what you had? Or, did you only realize what you had once he decided to end it?

Although there was a sense to be competitive towards you, I realized my actions toward him during those times were none other than how I truly felt about him. But, if it weren’t for you, none of this would’ve happened. So, thank you. Thank you for choosing yourself. Thank you for your lack of endearment towards him. Thank you for allowing me to show him his worth. But, most importantly, thank you for allowing us to fall.

By the time you read this, you’ll know about your tragic ending as well, which leaves me to end this solemn letter. I made several promises to him which I want to make to you and I  intend on keeping them, those being: I promise to be everything you weren’t. I promise he’ll never feel the way he did with you. I promise to never allow him to feel alone when with me. I promise to be there whenever he needs me. I promise to give him my attention. I promise to be his listener. I promise to be his shield. I promise to display the affection he deserves. I promise to build him up. I promise to be his future. I promise to be the one he wants for the rest of his life. I promise to show him nothing but love. I promise to show him what it’s like for someone to have a burning passion towards him. I promise to show my appreciation for him whenever I can. I promise he’ll never wonder whether or not I’m still in love with him. I promise to be his everything.

With these promises, I also promise to remain myself when keeping my word towards him.

   I thank you again, for everything and wish you the very best on your excursion to new love.

                            With Love,

                                His Inamorata

© 2017 JLily98

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Added on October 27, 2017
Last Updated on October 27, 2017
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