Island 23 The 3rd world war

Island 23 The 3rd world war

A Story by Jake Dyson

I wrote this ages ago, it is a background story for another story called Island 23 that was on my laptop that broke and this is all I have left... :/ I don't care how many mistakes there are.


The 3rd world war


In 2022 the tensions of the 21st century hit a point of no return, with the emergence of the eastern continent and the western nations struggling for resources while being ever more enslaved to the banks and giant corporations.

The Indian annexation and genocide of Pakistan and its surrounding nations left them becoming an ever growing super power, Chinese and Russian dominance was slowly being taken from their grasp. With GLOBEcorp realising the Continents superpowers just needing a push to become embroiled in all-out war and realising they could make great gains from this while enslaving the nations with debt. They decided to plant their own seeds, first it was India who declared war on China for the massacre of the Nepalese people who they’d annexed as a border nation between China and themselves, although if you look at the photographs taken during the shooting and the bombing most of the soldiers were not of oriental origin and if you ask the handful of survivors of what language the soldiers spoke of, they would of told you it was basic broken Mandarin.

Due to the geographical nature of both nations’ borders, there wasn’t much conflict in the first few months, no one expected them to actually go to war there seemed too much at stake and the fact that most people presumed it would be East v west if ever there was a war.

The annexed nations of both superpowers took most of the brunt in the first few months of the war, with China taking gains in Bangladesh and Myanmar while also annexing Vietnam and Laos in the Greater Chinese Empire. Meanwhile the Indians annexing Tajikistan and making a peace pact with Afghanistan which was mostly just a puppet state in fear of annexation. Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan staying Neutral while playing the part of a buffer state between the Russian Empire were left alone, with both China and India fearing intervention. 

The first real conflicts happened in the far east of china where the Indians made their sweeping gains through the Ladakh plateau going onto take the Tibetan plateau.  Although many economic and military leaders would argue this was a bad choice to attack, their quick advancement through the mountainous terrain quickly gave rise to the might of the Indians, using the momentum the Indians soon swept through Jinsha meeting up with their northern armies near Salween and encircling Lhasa.

Most of the outside world was shocked at how fast the Indians had moved in their advancements, but this was territory the Chinese had considered undesirable and had hoped the Indians would attack where their major cities were not. The Chinese preferring to saviour their scorched earth project, using their forward bases along Myanmar the Chinese smashed through the Bangladeshi forces, most gave up in the hope of the promise of better lives from the Chinese than their Indian counterparts. The Chinese had spent months flying in leaflets and sending agents in to spread their words of change. The Chinese armies of the south took east India and the Brahmaputra, going so far as the Himalayas.


Their only thorn was that of Bhutan, they fought bravely and held out for many months under bombardment of the worst kind. Some say the bombing was the worst in human history, the Chinese resentment of their stronghold and will to hold out only made their suffering more so as the Chinese used gas’s not seen since the 1st and 2nd world wars, their only way of surviving was the deep mining tunnels that protected them from the blasts. Bhutan finally gave in after eight months when the Chinese fired two atom bombs at Kula Kangri, where the 450,000 or so population hiding in and around the Himalayas were either wiped out by the blasts or crushed by the falling of millions of tonnes of ancient rock.

The Indians drew their main line of defence at the Kolkata River, flooding the Ganges River with all sorts of chemical waste. Although historians argue this only destroyed the beautiful landscape and made no gains for the Indians.  Military strategists would say this helped India come back from what was their bleakest moment of the war, for the Chinese stopped dead on the banks of the river and from there the attrition started.

Months went by where little or no ground was made; losses and debts piled up with both sides believing they could win and it would come sooner or later. Although both superpowers had bombarded the other side’s major cities, economic output didn’t seem to matter as both nations were being funded by Globecorp a major player in the arms industry and anything where money could be made.

It wasn’t until the middle of 2023 that anything else worth mentioning happened. Due to all the dirty chemical warfare being used the environment had taken a lot of abuse, with storms and wintery weather in the spring leaving both sides struggling to use their air force both sides pushed on,   desperate to end the war. When a routine bombing mission by the Chinese got misguided by severe weather storms leaving their squadron in Alma Ata- Kazakhstan the Chinese pilots lost, weary and short on fuel they let their payload go.

The consequences of the Chinese bombing left India in a very strong position, who decided to jump on the chance. Sending what seemed like an army of diplomats to Russia the Indians pleaded that the Russians would join in the war; the Indians even drew up the territories that Russia would be able to carve up between them once the war was won. The Russians on the other hand had a plan themselves

© 2013 Jake Dyson

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Jake Dyson
Jake Dyson

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