The crisp sandwich

The crisp sandwich

A Story by Jake Dyson

Ever wondered where the crisp sandwich came from? who decided it, why and where? Well you can find out right here! read now :D

The story of the crisp sandwich; Way way back in 1851 there was a man called Sir Walter Crispen who was friends with a chap who went by the name of John breadth. The two men were pioneers, before their time. They had both recently created two things we now know as crisps and bread. For the sake of discussion the bread was white whole meal and the crisps were ready salted. The two men, joyous at their inventions had set up a meet at the old inn, the name no one can remember except it was in't north. They laughed and the joked but after a few beers they got down to business; John Breadth told of his knew found discovery which he named after himself; bread. Sir Walter was astounded but felt his invention was by far the greatest of all...the Crisp for which he named after himself. Later that night after a couple of ales and a few crab infested w****s the two men became bored. They set a challenge to anymore who would try bread with crisps, but! They must not drink until finished. The inn was quiet and none would take to the challenge, until a young boy of the name Thomas butty who was literally starving croaked up " I'll do it sirs" the two men laughed at the boy, as the bar keep sliced the bread thick, proceeding to sprinkle salt onto the crisps. The inn was silent as everyone watched the boy feast down on the meal, he cried and he coughed as his throat was so dry. All the drunkens laughed at his plight but once he had finished and galloped his ale the two men asked "how was it young fellow?" The boy replied fantastic. They were so impressed they nicknamed it after him...the Crisp butty. But some may know it as a crisp sandwich. The end.

© 2014 Jake Dyson

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Added on January 9, 2014
Last Updated on January 9, 2014


Jake Dyson
Jake Dyson

London, Fulham/Hammersmith, United Kingdom

Hello, My name is Jake. I made this account 2 years ago but have neglected it for a while, as i had started up my business now i have some free time i thought id try my hand at writing again. .. more..

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