Finding love

Finding love

A Story by jakecoop

You ever question why you don’t like someone? Everyone has their reasons: too small, not good looking enough, bad personality. But, what about those stranglers, the outliers. The ones that deep down inside you know you should have feelings for, but it’s off. The butterflies that you should be getting when you see them aren’t there for the right purposes. It’s a feeling of intimidation for going deeper rather than rejection. The constant exchange of messages at first is all that consumes your free time. Coming up with clever responses to outdo the other, and the anxiety stricken wait for them to answer. At first, it has this feeling attached to it that gets you excited. But, as time progresses, it slowly dies away.. The unbroken anticipation of what comes next disappears. For most people, they will find that person in their life that they love. The person that no matter how bad things get, they will always be the best memory for them and vise versa. But, there are also those that don’t make it as far as they should. The ones that no matter how many times you play it over and over, they just aren’t right for you. There are so many ways to explain this. Destiny, fate, a combination of both with the line of “everything happens for a reason.” I mean if you believe in that stuff it's definitely a possibility. However, love is something that no one can truly explain. Everyone feels it, but the words that are meant to define it always get lost. In fact, the best way to go about explaining it, is by saying, “this indescribable sensation that is incomparable in nature.” Some people think the best thing to have is happiness, others wealth. But, in the end, what brings about the first one, and describes the other is love. Love helps bring about happiness in a person, and that want for wealth, is just another form of love through desire. But the strangest anomaly with this topic, is when someone passes all the checks of what you define as “that person,” yet they aren’t the one. Something’s off, and for you, life goes on while theirs remains in a standstill. But, have you ever been on the other side? The side of being “just the friend” when, to you, they are so much more. The constant struggle to hide those emotions of yours since they are the person you want to wake up talking to and fall asleep thinking of. Not wanting to lose them over the constant fighting about how it doesn’t make sense that they don’t love you back. This phenomenon called love can be defined as a one-way street. But deep down, it will always be a two way connection to really fulfill its purpose. Without this, the true happiness that is derived from love and the wealth that it brings you can not be reached. Love is a double-edged sword that can strike at any moment. Whether you’re on the loving side, or the side that doesn’t feel it, it's hard to understand the opposition. On hand hand you can have someone who loves you with no emotion towards them. And, in contrast, someone that you love but the feeling isn’t mutual. But you will always be blind to the similarities between the situations. That’s what this emotion does to someone. It consumes them until there is nothing more important to them. Everything around them fails in comparison because that’s just how this works. You can’t question it because, while it will bring out some of your worst times, it will also produce your best. It is the treasure at the end of the tunnel that everyone wants to reach but only a handful will truly achieve it in its entirety. Nevertheless, in the end, do yourself a favor and pursue love. No matter how much it hurts or how great it is, love is just love and there is no other way to explain it. It’s a rollercoaster of emotion that will allow you to find yourself, and all I hope is that one day you get the chance to experience its beauty too.

© 2017 jakecoop

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