Be Your Own Light

Be Your Own Light

A Poem by Firemay

Be your own light and colour. Don't let society get a hold on you/.



We live in horror and regret

Afraid of what society will state

We live as if we don’t belong

We lost the power to be strong


The ability to stand tall

We lost everything, we lost all

We live in unity, as one

Not different or unique or we’ll be done  


We stay one colour, not any other

Trying to fit into one another

Trying to keep in one single line

We try our best not to shine


We let society define our fate

We try our best not to hate

We stay in their shadow, not wanting to be seen

We are like one big robotic machine


Why?  I ask, so eager to know

Why must we always go with the flow?

Why can’t we stand alone in the dead of night?

Why can’t we shine alone, be our own light?


Why can’t we be in control?

Why do we let society rule our soul?

Why can’t we be the ones to change?

Don’t you think it’s all so strange?


Why can’t we light our own ways?

Why do we live like this nowadays?

It’s our time to find a colour and our light

It’s our time to shine in unique white

© 2016 Firemay

Author's Note

Like always, tell me what is your point of view on the topic.

This is just something that's been bothering me for all my life.

I used to be the one in the flow and know i'm the one standing from the outside in and trying to figure out what made me be there in the first place.

"Be yourself because everyone else is already taken"

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Nice . Straight to the point

Posted 11 Months Ago

I like the content, very thoughtful for such a young writer, though you should work on the rhyme scheme to smoothen it, many lines don't match the rhythm you used in your first stanza which makes it hard to read and leave a clumsy impression, many lines are too long or the emphasis of the words don't fit. A rhythmic writing needs a good flow, you have already a somewhat nice frame yet it'd be even better if you refined the pattern.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you so much, i'll try.

2 Years Ago

You're welcome.
This one is straightforward and very true. The message is worthy...:)............

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you!
Sami Khalil

2 Years Ago

You are welcome. ...:)))))))
Very beautiful work the structure is amazing in this dear the society tries to shape us yet it is up to us to be our real unique selves

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you! my thoughts exactly

2 Years Ago

Well great work
I think you are a gorgeous writer...

The points you are making here is simply brilliant and honestly truth... We are so much in the process of become just like the next person that is why we don't have an identity that we feel proud of... Have you noticed that the the girls who wants to be different hang out the whole day with girls who wear the same dresses, shoes, nail Polish etc... They even follow the same conversation pattern... People are so busy to imitate others every way, but do they fund happiness in following others? No they do not because a computer can't be a bicycle or a mobile phone can't be a bike...

It is our job to find our true self and be ourselves... Otherwise we will never find the truest form of happiness and we will keep doing the injustice to our own self...

Hat's off to you frnd... All I can say please keep on sharing these brilliant works of yours...


Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

thank you so much!  
That is true,  we cannot be anyone we are not and even if we try and c.. read more
We all try to fit in to what has been described as acceptable.
I love the thoughts behind this poem.
"Dont follow the light, but be the light"
Very well written

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

The thing is, i don't get why it's like that.
I like that saying.
Thank you!
Lovely imagery. I agree with all the questions. I am in the military and we are always taught to be the same but yet we must stand out to recognized. It is that constant pull to shine and ot fit in that defines my career. I feel like fitting in to rules and regulations can be fine as along as you are not a robotic yes-man. Stand for you believe, fight for those who can't for themselves and lead by example. Very thought provoking.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I'm happy you liked it.  :)
YeS exactly. The whole community makes us like little organised .. read more

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