reasons to write

reasons to write

A Story by Firemay

Writing is my everything

Hello there fellow writer, 

I would love to know why you write and what you think about it.
Of course, you may or may not answer any question you'd like or ask me anything. 
These are the questions i came up with, again, you don't have to answer them all. 
You can write your answer here or send me a mail. :D

1) At what age did you start to write?

2) why do you write? (an actual reason)

3) has anything dramatic ever happened to you? what happened?

4) do you think you would have written if it didn't happen?

5) why do you think other people write? 

If you have any thing else to add, be my guest.

Thank you so much!!! ;)

© 2016 Firemay

Author's Note

Please answer. Thank you :D

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i couldn't agree even more, you're amazing!

Posted 8 Months Ago

To help myself feel again, and to become something more than a depressed ball of shhhhht
Yes. Too many things happened
Yes, but not as well
To add insight and to help themselves continue. Many of the people I've met who write are rather selfless.

Posted 11 Months Ago

1) I started writing when I was 9 years old, and I had my books published in the school library, only to have them ripped, destroyed and defiled. It almost made me stop writing.

2) If we knew why we write, then we wouldn't write in the first place. I write to find myself.

3) I was attacked at school twice, leading to serious injuries to the assaulter and me crying in internal and emotional pain from hurting another person.

4) I think I would still write. One of the few ways to expend my mental energy these days.

5) I believe everyone writes to find themselves, no matter what they may say. Of course it may be due to other reasons, but this is definitely a largely underlying one.

Posted 12 Months Ago

1) I started writing in third grade, I would have been about nine years old.

2) I started writing after our teacher had us write a short story for class, I really fell in love with the process and being able to create characters and worlds out of nothing.

3) I would say mental health issues, trouble socializing and feeling alienated from my family.

4) I think I would have written if non of the above things were true, but I do think that I would be writing in a completely different genre and my relationship with writing could have been much different.

5) I would hope that most people write because they have a passion for it, or something about it that improves their quality of life. Maybe as a means to understand themselves or understand how they relate to the world outside of themselves.

Posted 12 Months Ago

1) At what age did you start to write?
27. It really was a surprise to everyone, including myself, when I started writing...which I didn't really do, I was just laying on my bed listening to Michael Jackson's thriller, when the talking part by Vincent Price. I had always been a horror movie fan and couldn't get it out of my head, so wrote a gothic horror poem with his voice in my head and the rest, they say is history. I've had a pen and notepad in my hand ever since.

2) why do you write? (an actual reason)

Good question, and a difficult one to answer, but for me it is the constant learning, from other writers and just from evolving within yourself. There is definitely a sense of accomplishment when your writing has gone well and you read it and smile, knowing that no matter what anyone thinks of it, you have just written something unique, that wouldn't have existed otherwise. Plus, I think writers always strive for that feeling of surprise that makes you smile at something someone has written. Or maybe it's just the fumes from my pen :)

3) has anything dramatic ever happened to you? what happened?
Well, I am pretty clumsy. I have been electrocuted, almost bled to death when I was a kid and ran through a plate glass door, been knocked down more times than I care to admit and probably suffered a few head injuries too as a child. But that just describes being a kid I guess, except clumsiness is my invisible friend who has followed me into adulthood.

4) do you think you would have written if it didn't happen?
Yes. Something always comes up for us to ponder and fixate on with writing, and as life is the thing we are living now, any experiences from it, good and bad, reflect in our words too. For instance, it is possible to write the most beautiful and sad piece while extremely happy, and something extremely happy when you are sad. We just linger on thoughts more maybe, and spill them on to the page the first chance we get.

5) why do you think other people write? 
Because it is fluid, ever moving and evolving and although you can finish a poem, story or book, you can never finish writing. Again, whenever I have decided to take a break from writing, I have ended up writing more. I truly do think writers can't stop writing, because it is impossible to stop thinking. It makes it easier to understand if you can work your way through a problem with writing, because the thought processes open up and let things through you didn't even know where there.

If you have any thing else to add, be my guest.

Always have pens and notepads with you. It's all very well typing away on to your phone, but having an actual pen and paper is as much part of the creative process as anything else. It can add to your writing before you even start writing. I'm never happy unless I have a notepad and pen in every room and it also makes it fun going through them all every now and again and seeing what words and ideas can evolve from just scribbled thoughts and words.
Finally, try not to fall into the "cursed writer" mode, where it becomes a burden to write. If that happens, I suggest a few days without writing at all can usually help. No matter how angry or sad a piece of writing is, it can always be beautiful if it is felt. So try not to get into the writers rut of thinking it all useless, it will pass and even just the beauty of one word can truly make you happy when it comes to you.
Plus of course, have fun :)

Posted 12 Months Ago

1. 5/6, youngest of seven so wanted to copy older
siblings! Loved 'writing ', pretended to read
even when i couldn't! Have always loved

2. Because i have to. Would be lost without
putting down thoughts, dreaming plots,
thinking meter or prose poetry,, It really is a
need. Think too that something darts into my
mind, can feel or see it and have to make
something - even brief, with it. Frequently

3. Deaths in the family, events abroad.. health
issues.. all of them impacting on me as a
feeling human being - could say 'emotional'
Not able or willing to detail.

4.. Yes, would have written.. because what
happened in no. 3 happened when older.

5. I can't answer for other people.. imagine
similar to self.. or maybe some think that
writing is a money earner - interpret that as
cynicism or genuine thought.

Plus: Writing is a means of creating something, whether simple, brilliant and/or in between.
Anyone who can pick up pen/pencil, can open a door into his or her being and create something.. and be surprised at what has arrived so magically. Doesn't matter if fine literature but comes from SELF.. and the satisfaction of doing just that is unbelievably mind blowing. What happens from the first sortie is up to the individual. It's worth trying if only to discover what hides inside you.
Also, like acting on stage, is a way or being more than.. different from .. self.

Said too much but.. i love writing you see.

Posted 12 Months Ago

I started to write at 22. I write because I enjoy it and hope my writing can be enjoyed by others. My ultimate aim is to make a living from it (dream)

Posted 12 Months Ago

1. Age started? First grade, then on and off again until 2003, when I first began to venture into fiction, and specifically short stories.
2. Why? Because we all have stories in us, and some of us were blessed with the ability to assemble them in coherent and articulate ways. It seems selfish not to try to share...
3. Dramatic? Laughing and crying. Sooooo much. Exciting, thrilling, heartbreaking...if I die tomorrow I did not live life on the sidelines and without knowing great love and loss.
4. Still write without trauma good or bad? Most definitely! It would not have been as full of real substance, only technically correct, but the push to put all in some form is inherent in most of us who write.
5. Why others? The same as all of the above. Humans have a need to "shout" our existence to the world, no matter the form it takes.

This made me think about this desire to take what is within and form/shape it for others to see. Thank you for the reminder of why, and I will remember when I'm "stuck" or frustrated with a particular effort. It will make me re-evaluate just how important it really is, and I can better decide if it's merely a whim or a story that needs exposure.

Posted 12 Months Ago

1). 64

2). At age of 60 I had a stroke and had to learn to read and write again. After 4 years of therapeutic struggling, the humour of my efforts developed into a crazy poem about "being buried in the recovery position - just in case" - The bug then bit me.

3). See above

4).Probably not in the creative sense. only technical.

4). To share an interest in creativity. It's like painting with words.

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Hey, I'm 18 years old. My writing is everything for me, if it's in my mind, it's on a page. it's the only thing that actually gets me to leave the universe i am at right now and find a better one, o.. more..

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