I have a dream

I have a dream

A Story by Firemay

i too have a dream


I have a dream that the world will change before it dies, but I guess that will never happen because of the way humans treat it. If we cared about the world, then we could have changed it before it was too late. But now when the world looks the way it does, we cannot fix it. The world can be a wonderful thing but we, mankind, don't let it be.

It's like a beautiful butterfly that just wants to grow but mankind keeps on picking its wings and not letting It fly. We keep on stepping on it but what we don't realize is that soon there won't be any butterflies left to step on, and mankind will disappear.

The world is such an amazing place but why can't mankind see it? I guess it's because we can't see what we have until it's gone…

We don't realize that we have such a wonderful world until we destroy it. Mankind is starting to realize that they have destroyed the world, only now that it is ruined.

So we should open our eyes to the future now, before tomorrow arrives, and with it, demolition. 

© 2017 Firemay

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Love thought you have expressed in this short story form. We all human being must have such thinking beyond dream. Really we human is very worst creature in this word because we are destroying other creatures of this world for self benefits. Nice job. Thanks for shairng


Posted 7 Months Ago

Beautiful words. How true too! I think we need to cherish people and be forgiving too.

Posted 7 Months Ago

There is so much pain, yes, all around us, swallowing us it seems. Heartbreaking symbols speak through your poetry. Maybe, with poets like you, the world's eyes will be opened, if only neighbor to neighbor, street by street.

Posted 8 Months Ago

And this again is an excellent point, which runs smoothly from your last piece I read, wars. This takes the bigger picture and adds to our failings for humanity, that the powers that be tend to ignore because there is money to be made in destruction. Who cares when the problem lines your pockets and the solution doesn't. Greed is certainly our biggest failing.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

I wrote this a long time ago, i just thought of uploading it only now, the thing is, as you can see .. read more
You are so right , people destroy the world , money destroy it , religious destroy it... think about it , if someone would have came to Earth from other Galaxy , how would we look like ? with so much hate , people killing others , humiliate others , destroying the nature , use the resources ... I am sure , I am positive that he / she will just move on , they will think that they reach a planet that will not survive

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Exactly! Thank you.

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Added on July 16, 2017
Last Updated on July 16, 2017
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Hey, I'm 18 years old. My writing is everything for me, if it's in my mind, it's on a page. it's the only thing that actually gets me to leave the universe i am at right now and find a better one, o.. more..

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