Born Without Asking

Born Without Asking

A Poem by J.Sin

Published poem from 2002.08.30


Life comes in a vacuum-sealed package

No assembly instructions, no warranty

And a complicated return policy

Most of the parts are broken

Easily swallowed, choked upon and toxic.


We are born into the light and taught through fear

Handed a dull sword with poisoned handle

And told to run off to war.

How can a person safely walk through the world,

When the darkness is far too bright?


Born to believe that Love is the only shield

But Love is weak compared to the stainless steel of hate.

So many lives lost because Love had turned to dust

And been carried away on the Nuclear Winter winds

Of truth.


Time is wisdom and experience for those who embrace it,

We are given chances, yet we fear pain, so, we discard them.

To speak is to lie. Speak, not with words, but action, as action is pure

Hatred is lust and death is pure. Love is a spoken language, a false truth.

Trust nothing beyond your own flesh.


There is only the self and the voices in our heads.

Yet we surround ourselves with each other to feel safe

Play make-believe that we are a single species with a common goal

Pretend that we are justified in our deceptions and murder

But we are merely blind sheep guided by an uncaring Sheppard.


Government breeds a sense of false comfort and complacency.

Let the ignorant remain glued to televisions and misinformation,

Remain seated, salivating for the rhinestone lies of Capitalism.

Give us your life, your freedom; and we will sell it back to you

For a price, you are the automaton they want you to be.


In the end we are all barren and alone

Standing in a field of fallen stars and broken dreams

Wandering the darkness with eyes closed, standing on the backs of giants,

Crying for the answer to a question we never bothered to ask.

We are born as children and as children we shall die.

© 2017 J.Sin

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WOW, seriously I don't know what else to say lol.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

Hopefully that is a good "WOW". Thanks. :)

1 Year Ago

that's what I always say to people lol yeah definitely is. I keep the bad "WOWs" to myself lol
I started thinking once when I heard a child ask her parents when she found out about Christmas. "So, you were lying to me!"
Good poem

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thanks for your comment. I would love to hear a kid say that when their parents revealed the truth. .. read more

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