Untitled (I F*****g Hate Humanity)

Untitled (I F*****g Hate Humanity)

A Poem by J.Sin

2017.11.09 @ 21:05


He walked up to the car with measured steps. As he neared the window he reached into his pocket like a man who had something to hide. She, the driver who had only had her license for about as long as she had breasts, nervously clutched the wheel " certain to keep her hands in the ten and two position like Mr. Flannigan had constantly chastised her about. When he was broadside the car he firmly tapped the window with his nightstick while leaning forward bringing his face into clear view through the drivers-side window. She unwrapped her fingers of her left hand from around the leather-coated steering wheel, leaving a thin film of zebra-pattern sweat where her delicate ebony skin had just been, and reached for the small silver button that would put the window down so she could parlay with the officer.


Three hours later a mother identified the body as he sat at home in front of the TV with a glass of beer. Two months later he got a commendation and medal for outstanding community service. Five months later some guy named Brad kicked over her headstone and pissed on the flowers that were laid there by a grieving grandmother while screaming ‘N*****S GO HOME’.


Hope has no integrity when it comes to


It’s a tasteless partnership,



Solidarity? F**k no;

Everything is liquid.

We take pride in the vicious mutilation

            Of individuality,

Of nonconformity,

Of diversity.

Kill the self.

There is no I.

Be homogenous.

Be a cookie cut carbon copy,

Arrogant, racist, phobic, intolerant,

Small-minded, xenophobic, sacrosanct,

            Government-approved piece of s**t.

That’s what it takes to fit into this f*****g society.

Racism, classism, religious terrorism, gun violence,

Oppression, repression, hate;

All repetitive bookmarks

Of normalcy,

Masquerading as breaking news on CNN.

Humanity has always been doomed.

Millions of years of Darwinist evolution,

Only to be rectally raped in the 21st century,

By a bunch of white-pride monomaniacal monkeys

With the most


© 2017 J.Sin

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Added on November 9, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017
Tags: hate, horror, depression, anger, intolerance, hopeless, evolution, humanity, racism, death, xenophobia, government



Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

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