Trajectory Of Indifference

Trajectory Of Indifference

A Poem by J.Sin



When did everything in life become so rhetorical?

When did tenacity become stubborn selfishness?

Why the f**k do we have to put on safety gear

Just to give an opinion?

All this sensitivity is making me f*****g sick.

This PC bullshit explains pop-punk,

And why Green Day needs to f*****g die.

Wake me up when September ends?

F**k you!

Keep sleeping Billie Joe, you suck!

We need a return to the unrestrained,

Kids these days are told they matter,

They don’t.

In the eyes of corporate America,

They’re just sheep being lead to slaughter;

Wallets open,

Lobotomized into obedience,

Eyes on their mobile phones,

Fingers tweeting away,


To the meat grinder that is society.

Coherent and boring ,

Nothing to contribute to society

But 140 characters of vapidity.

Bring back the anger, the discontent, the

Rebellious minority.

Bring back;

            F**k authority.

            Fight the system.

Bring back;

            The frustrated.

            The alienated.

            The antagonistic youth.

Stop laying down,

Stop accepting

Xboxes over equality,

Playstations for passivity,

Mobile phone apps for submission.

We the oppressed need to

Build our stages,

Unload the vans,

Grab our guitars,

Turn those amps up to eleven,

And let those rich c***s know,

That each and every one of us

Is seriously pissed

The f**k


© 2017 J.Sin

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Added on November 12, 2017
Last Updated on November 12, 2017
Tags: indifference, punk, listlessness, passivity, lifeless, lost, life, whatever



Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Canadian living and working in Slovakia. World traveller, musician, writer, and teacher. Former music/film reviewer for "Cassette Culture" online magazine. 5 self-published poetry/short story books in.. more..

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