In My Heart

In My Heart

A Poem by simpleromantic


You came to my life by coincidence.
If I can go back in time.
I will still choose to tell you what’s in my heart.
At least my courage to enter your life wasn’t in vain.

In the parallel universe,
Its replaying all your slow motion in fast mode.
When we meet again,
I’ll be the first to say, hello.

But if I take a step,
I’m afraid you’ll get farther away.
Always like a fool.
My mind blocks my heart.

In my head,
You made things dizzy.
In my heart,
You made things shake.

The feelings that I kept embraced in my heart.
Like magic, my heart trembles.
With you in my heart, it’s brighter than the starry sky.
Can’t you come by in my heart?

If you still haven’t known how I felt.
I can incite your curiosity by saying difficult words.
I can play this kind of game.
Until your wandering heart find its refuge.

Why do you keep looking at different places?
I’m standing in front of you.
I always looks at you.
And just only look at me.

You are close enough to reach.
But why do you feel so far way.
Don’t become a cold tears in my heart.
And please don’t close the door way to your heart.

Here I am, away from you.
But why are you smiling so brightly.
My heart is hurting so much.
If this is a punishment, I will receive it.

As much as the sighs behind my gawky smile.
As much as the tears that I secretly hide away.
If only you can see my frozen heart.
It’s too much to like you and be hurt.

Even if it endlessly breaks my heart.
I can’t like someone who’s not you.
Even if this feeling fades away.
You’ll always be in my heart.

Like a dream, like a miracle.
Just once, tell me things that are unbelievable.
Become each other, desperate wish.
My heart only points to you, can you hear my heart?

© 2017 simpleromantic

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Added on September 10, 2017
Last Updated on September 25, 2017



Manila, NCR, Philippines

I find myself happy w/the simple things. Appreciating the blessings that God gave me. I take a lot of pride in being myself. And I do forgive but I can't forget. more..