A Story by J.Michele

Present Day...

The night clings to my backside as I hastily follow the cracked concrete. The shallow scrubs claw at my ankles whilst pearly shades of fractured moonlight guide me to the very place I fear most. Deep among the silent trees, a tall ghastly fence beckons me to move faster. The wind whips my hair side to side and flings my blood red trench coat in awkward angles. Pushing branches out of my way, I realise that I am the first to disturb this overgrown path in over one hundred and sixty years. I ponder on the thought of what this surreal place would look like under the eyes of sunlight. To watch as golden light seeps through to the heart of the forest grounds. To see a radiance of colours that awash each single leaf in a unique and different way. But I know deep down, that I only have the night at my fingertips. To see what needs to be seen. I have left it for far too long. Becoming face to face with the monstrous fence, my gaze follows to the sight beyond. Gravestones. Where spirits rest and Death breathes. As I climb over the treacherous fence, my heart beats in my ears to a forgotten song from another time, another century. Two rows south, four columns east, I know I will find what I'm looking for. Jumping down on the other side of the harsh metal, anticipation mixed with fear poisons my veins. I can feel it dripping down my spine, all the way to my fingers and toes. I take one step and then I'm running. Running to see what has haunted my mind since the day all this began. Death kisses my neck as I see the familiar yet not memorable textured stone. I slow to a brisk walk and then to a dead stop. I bend down to wipe my hand across the moss covered stone, reading the engraved words that have constantly echoed in my nightmares.

'Merida Fraser'
'Born October 12th 1836 - Died October 12th 1853'

My name.
My Birthday.
My life as a human.

© 2016 J.Michele

Author's Note

Hi everyone! I realised I haven't written and posted any short stories on this site in awhile, so here is one I think you will enjoy. :)

J.Michele xx <3

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Love this piece of writing, it had me in suspense and wanting to read on

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you Brooke :)

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Hello, I'm Jess :) I am just a girl trying to find her path in life. I have always had a passion for creative writing and is something I would love to study in the future, but sadly I have no idea if .. more..

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A Story by J.Michele