See Beyond the Mask

See Beyond the Mask

A Poem by That1Nerd23

Glancing through the window
There was yet to be seen
The perpetual wonders
In every hidden dream

And the reward of a lifetime
The melody which we sing
When lovers come together
And the wedding bells ring

We don't always see mercy
Nor do we always see grace
We only see the perfect mask
Being worn on a tear-filled face

We know not when she's hurting
Or when he becomes too weak
And when both are simply yearning
To be more than just a "Freak"

The tears that are shed daily
For being bullied and abused
Makes young hearts unwilling
To reject drugs when induced

Next shall be suicide
Gun loaded and to the head
Fearful of rejection
They soon will end up dead

And then they will be thought of
As crazy and insane
For giving up they're life
Because of a little pain

Yet little will others see
Of the deceased person's heart
They never looked beyond the drugs
Or the scars right from the start

© 2013 That1Nerd23

Author's Note

Please comment with any experiences you've had that relate tto this poem. Or share sucess stories. Together we can help prevent suicide and drug abuse......

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Thank you for spreading the awareness about these issues...Bravo

Posted 4 Years Ago

So very powerful! Hits very close to home... I had a friend commit suicide when I was in high school because of bullying and I was bullied intensely myself in middle school to the point of becoming suicidal and attempting. This is a very well written piece, great job.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on September 15, 2013
Last Updated on September 15, 2013
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