Three Little Words

Three Little Words

A Poem by revolution9

O.o Love


All I want to say I shouldn’t say

I just can’t walk away

Please don’t tell me that all of this has been in vain

What is it you think you see?

Now is the time for you to disagree

All I am looking for is a nice way to say I want more

If you only once would let me, if only just one time

Then you’ll be happy with the consequence

It might seem like a dream but it’s real

Doesn’t it feel like sunshine after all?


I’ve got a story that’s almost finished all I need is someone to tell it to

Maybe that’s you

Our time is borrowed we spend it too freely

Every minute I have needs to be made up … but how?

I always believed in the future

I hope for better

That things would look up

I won’t give in now for any amount

Can’t say I was never wrong but some blame rests on you

Say hello to good times


Can we take a ride and get out of this place while will still have time?

We’ll never be the same

We’ll never feel this way again

Sometimes we’re only just as happy as everyone else thinks we are

I fall asleep with you next to me – it’s the only place I feel safe

Could it be that everything goes down by chance?

Could it be that you always know the perfect thing to say?

All the best DJs are saving there slowest song for last

When the dance is through its just me and you

I’ll look at you and know that the world is beautiful


The world we love might be forever gone

What matters most is what hasn’t been

The past is taught by those who win

You should just be here

You’re just across the street, but it looks like miles from my feet

You should just be here with me

The things we think might be the same – I want that and more

You’ve given everything to me

You say that love goes anywhere

In your darkest time it’s just enough to know it’s there


I could always count on futures

The open door is still miles away

Doors open and close and that’s just how it goes

I don’t feel the way I have ever felt

All I want to say I shouldn’t say

You need to know just how I feel

You say that love goes anywhere

In your darkest time it’s just enough to know it’s there

I just need to say, “I love you.”

I can be the love you need in your darkest hour


© 2008 revolution9

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A poem that incites the reader to want more! Good effort. creative and heart-felt!

Posted 1 Week Ago

This is one of the best pieces I have ever read in my life!! Such strong words for such a simple piece !! Amazing job :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

This is a heartfelt piece of poetry a definite pleasure to read. Well done.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on April 4, 2008



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