An Excerpt, a Dream

An Excerpt, a Dream

A Chapter by Kibbles and Quips

Devan's world is crashing and the anxiety is crippling. He lies beneath his covers.


This is actually written for a much later chapter, but I am looking for some input and impressions. 


The alarm on my phone screeches and blares, and I have hit snooze every ten minutes for the last two hours. I grab it and hit snooze again. I have been dreaming, too. Often, I am annoyed at them being interrupted; my dreams weren’t finished. I have been dangling on my subconscious’s cliffhanger, and it must find resolution. I keep my eyes closed and hold myself underneath my covers.

In my dream I was chased by zombies �" the cataracts of their rotting eyes fixated, unblinking. I eluded them by frantically locking all three locks on the door, but, as I backed away from the sounds of their fingernails scratching deep into the wood, I fell into a room of glass and hit the clear floor with a crack. Beyond the clouds before me, I saw how high in the sky I was. The cityscapes were but checkered patterns that faded off into the shades of green and brown that checkered the countryside. My shaking palms moist as they slipped against the fracturing glass beneath my weight, slicing them as they pushed me off the brittle floor. I turned to brace the door, but it had disappeared; its frame seamlessly melded with the glass wall.

The demonic terrors enveloped the clear cubic barrier around me - their mangled, rotten flesh pressed against the glass. I could hear their fingerbones crack and crunch as they relentlessly beat against the thin glass walls, trying to break in, but somehow it held firm. The mindless things pressed on all sides and they smeared their dark blood all along the glass edifice wherever they crashed - even the top. That’s where the blood began to trickle through, as if raining tar. It was sticky when I stepped on it.

Why am I not wearing shoes or socks? The glass floor cracks a spiderweb of sharp splinters, slicing my feet. Blotches of black drip around me and pool wherever I stand. Their blood burns in my cuts. I indecisively circle the room. Every frantic step, another series of cracks, another series of cuts. The muffled moans and arrhythmic poundings are deafening. I can’t escape. The glass walls crack. A couple of four-armed kaleidoscope-eyed monsters burst through. A pair of their hands impaled on the broken glass wall as the second pairs pull themselves through, slicing open their stomachs. They scream in agony as their intestines pour onto the floor, but their bright colorful eyes turn to me, enraged. Their gaping jowls belt out another piercing scream. It sends my hands to my ears. I look at the cracked glass floor beneath me. More are coming. They climb over the impaled, screeching kaleidoscope-eyed creatures. I look to the floor again as it cracks. The pooling blood seeps through. I stomp as hard and fast as I can. With a crash and wave of putrid flesh, the walls shatter. The stench is horrid. My bleeding feet stomp the glass as it splinters into their soles. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! The floor bursts and I fall, spinning amongst shards of glass and writhing flesh demons, who wildly grope the air after me. Through the swirling freefall winds, they screech and bite, but the ground is near. Almost here. I assume the fetal position and clench my eyes shut. With luck I will hit a skyscraper.

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Author's Note

Kibbles and Quips
Just started writing this part last night. Any feedback is welcome! So long as it's constructive, of course.

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You're a wizard with your words, my paint very vibrant pictures. I can't say I follow the progression of the dream, but then again, it's a dream....not all needs to make total sense. But I quite enjoyed the depth of the images that you create - all the details described to further make the them stand out in the minds of readers. Well done!

Posted 10 Months Ago

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