Anger and Rain

Anger and Rain

A Story by Jimtenbo

This was made for a contest where I had to write a 300 word story and making sure to use two of the key words given. I picked 'anger' and 'rain'. Story of lost love.


Why? Why did it have to be this way? How come every relationship she tried to touch turned into s**t? If only he hadn't gotten in the way. If only he kept his nose out of her affairs. Then maybe it wouldn't have had to been this way.

She slammed her fist, upon which a rather striking dragon tattoo was etched, down onto the sodden grass; the mud beneath her was forced to succumb to her might, like everything else she handled. The rain cascaded across her face and the lifeless, cold thing that lay beside her; it could wash away the blood from her trembling hands, but it could never wash away the memories they shared. Nor could any raging storm cleanse her of the guilt and anger she felt within.

The cold eyes, that held back any sign of weakness, merely stared down at the young male beaten down in his prime. At least he needn't have suffered. She, who had never been known to show mercy or compassion to her prey before, had made an exception. All it took was a shift blow to his head, and it was over. There was no special meaning over her chosen location, nor the murder weapon used: a simple, metal baseball bat. To her such trifling sentiments would have made this sullied matter all the more tragic.

Whilst her gaze moved towards the blackened heavens she allowed her face to feel its wrath. Biting her lip she continued to hold back her true feelings; a strong woman like her does not need to cry. No. She will continue to live each day like before. That is all she can do. That is all anyone can do; especially when you find yourself as part of the Yakuza elite.

© 2016 Jimtenbo

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Like the old, old song says: "You always hurt the one you love..." Ain't it the truth? This story has legs it isn't just your typical gangster falls in love, gangster bludgeons lover to death, made for TV stuff. This is the thread, the fabric, the warp and woof of true love.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on October 22, 2016
Last Updated on October 22, 2016
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A typical guy. The less you know, the better. I just love to write. more..

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