2 The Truth of Creating

2 The Truth of Creating

A Chapter by John F Carver

The angels are messengers of God. They were created with that one purpose. They do not lie or in any way deceive anyone. They represent God and are God’s truth at all times. They are proof God is, that God is what God is and that what God has sent them to share is as valid as they are and poof both of God and of the message they bear.

God first created angels as animals in Paradise. They were to keep the man from becoming lonely. But even in their animal form they could not do that and they had to be in animal form or they would have by being in form a man like the man deceive him to think they were as he was and that he was as they were; a lie. It was not to degrade angels though a good messenger will gladly degrade itself to communicate the message sent from its authority to those that authority desires to communicate.

Even those sent by Jacob to Esau to assuage his wrath bowed before him that had no power over them and debased themselves for the sake of the message they bore from Jacob and in the spirit they bore it. They being man were as angels of God sent from Jacob who was not God but merely their master whom they loved the same as had they loved God.

None of the angels in Eden came from heaven, though there were angels in heaven being made since Paradise is both a heavenly place and an earthly place being of the nature of heaven but being created on earth. So was it with the animals that were angels in Paradise being both heavenly and earthly being angels but also animals created on earth in the Paradise described above. Yet they bore in themselves that purpose and that message from God, the Lord God having created them for one purpose and one purpose only which was not to interfere with the actions of the man but merely to love him and keep him company so that he did not become lonely.

It did not work or was not going to work which is the same thing when God who sees everything he sees without error. But God didn’t expect it to work. He did it for man to give man the message that should he remain as he was with no one else from man to keep him company he would become lonely.

Thus the message God created in the form of animals for the angels to bring to man did work. It accomplished more than God could ever have accomplished with the words, “It is not good that man should be alone. I will create a helper for him.” It was to make certain there was no room for error in the man’s understanding and it made certain in the best way if not the only way possible for man to have comprehended the message perfectly.

They were talking animals to God and to man. But to us for we see it more clearly in hindsight for to us they were angels in the form of animals that talked to the man like in every way to animals nowadays except these animals are not actually angels though like the angels they have but one life and can say only that they were created to communicate with each other and with man.

But then with the corruption of the animals that took place among the descendants of Cain and those corrupted by intermarriage between the sons of God who were the sons of Seth also and the descendants of Cain by the end of it except for the eight that survived including Noah that were of the sons of God that did not mix their blood or their spirits with the sons of Cain.

That corruption more to the point I am making corrupted the animals to all say things to man now when he reads the meanings of their forms and their body language and the sounds they make that God never intended them to say; things like communicating fear, disloyalty to God and to man, as well as a host of other things God would never say to anyone like their sexual messages which are often an affront to man that they should behave in that manner let alone God.

Some animals are useless to God when it comes to communicating with man in any way and will be in heaven when their corruption is destroyed virtually unrecognizable by man who knew them on earth.

Even as all angels are spirit so are all animals spirits; nothing was wasted and all angels and all animals will live forever with God and the gods among man that will be there also when we are finished.

Even as animals do things and communicate spiritual messages so do all angels for all communication is either spiritual or not truly communication at all. That is they seem to be communication but are not and merely serve to destroy spirits and neither create spirits, edify spirits or actually communicate anything of value which is to say they make noises that are similar to spiritual communications but are not in any way or manner spiritual but some tool designed for other purposes entirely than anything spiritual.

That being so they do not communicate anything but a lie and the essence of a lie is nothing, that a lie is made of is nothing, and anything born of a lie is actually not anything but like a demon that is invented to say something that is a lie and so nothing even in its overall purpose actually. More to the point for instance animals do things that communicate only hateful horrible things God would never even think to say by mistake of their corruption and not by any design or order of God.

The mistake the angel in Paradise that was a serpent made was done on purpose as are all mistakes; some less, some more intentional; but all performed by the one doing them and that action be it speech or any other act was purposely performed by the one doing them and thus in the manner a man speaks they are intentional.

Nothing, including nothing does not occur by accident and all acts are created by the one that does them. It is the nature of creating that it does not occur randomly therefore the one that creates them is responsible for that they create and it is an expression of that they are. Even to the point they are given more attention or less attention is indicative of the one doing them. There are no accidents.

Even God says of Satan that what he did was new to him. It is in the way a man thinks to even call it an accident which God certainly may of course say to further the understanding of the deceived or to those incapable of understanding the absolute impossibility of an accident ever occurring.

Just view what man calls the accident prone. To say there are such things as accidents is to say they do virtually nothing for even that they do that is not thought to be an accident they did not intend to do or at least did not intend to do it in that manner or that well probably given that spirit they are in. That spirit can be cast out. It is the result of a demon created by a devil intent upon only furthering the deception that God does things in a random manner which is to say he does in fact make mistakes.

Remember then there are no accidents. There is no possibility an accident will ever occur and thus there really is no such thing as a mistake; such a thing cannot possibly have a true relationship with anything created, being created except on purpose for the sole purpose of making it appear there was such a thing.

Even Satan did not fail to create anything. He alone is responsible for what he has done just as Jesus Christ is and as God is just the same as you are responsible for all that you do and you have known that since you first did something someone or something else caused you to do that you never intended which is not strictly possible either for to do such a thing you had to yield to the one or the thing that you thought caused it.

You and you alone are responsible for all that you do just as God is. One can only correctly mention an error or even randomness in the context of error which is grievous because it is done intentionally to some extent some to a greater extent some to a lesser. We are all perfectly that we are at all times actually or we are not even that we think we are.

Satan did not create the proper words or even initiate the conversation with Woman with the intent of doing anything he was created to do. The topic could not be considered for that purpose between them and he knew it. Therefore he invented the entire interaction. He is responsible for it from beginning to end.

Woman did not realize it but she had entered into Satan’s invention by even considering what he said as an appropriate conversation to have with an animal much less an angel. She is responsible for her side of the conversation that could not take place in God. She had to sense that as indicated by her addition to what God actually said in saying, “... and we are not to even touch it...” God never created her to do that either. It was her invention.

Man simply taking the forbidden fruit when it was given to him and eating it on impulse or by rote was not designed to do any of that either. He had to have allowed himself to be so conditioned by Woman and not God that he had already decided to do anything that Woman suggested. That was his invention.

It revealed their differences from what God created them to be then? Not actually. God created them all to be different than he was. But he hoped they would obey him anyway each with different responsibilities and each with their own way of doing things which God could have controlled but had decided not to that he might be loved and that they also might be loved, the heart of all things God is, was and will forever be.

God never created the angels to be like him. So when Satan invented manipulation he didn’t create anything. He simply revealed he was completely worthless as a messenger of God by doing something he was not only not designed to do but that was designed to force Woman to whatever extent she was forced by what he did to do something the serpent wanted against her will. God is completely against forcing anyone or anything to do anything that might be against its will should it have one.

Nothing for instance has no will and can be forced to do or be anything anyone wants it to be, but God reserves that ability for himself. Even his most trusted angels like Michael make something of nothing only by the power of God which exists only in God and not in Michael’s own power. God’s least trusted angels like Satan cannot create something from nothing except by being allowed to by God.

It is all done by the permissive will of God just as any authentic miracle is done. The rest are all counterfeit.

Satan never invented betrayal he simply used loyalty inappropriately. The consequences revealed something far more important than Satan will ever be; judgment and the need for justice. But Satan never invented them. God didn’t either. They simply were just as truth simply always was.

Thus since Satan had revealed betrayal as part of that he could and then did do he also revealed that there was no way to trust that he would not do it again. He had to be cursed. But he could have been destroyed right then, revealing something of God either way.

But he could have been sent down to death immediately again revealing something of God either way. Yet he was not but he was simply reduced to the least useful angel God would ever have instead. It remains that way today. It will until Armageddon. Then it will forever after that in torment without God forever when God forgets he has ever made Satan indicating he will never have a use for him at all ever again. That is where Satan lives.

Woman revealed that she could not be trusted with authority of any kind ever again since she had given the fruit to Man. But since the situation had resulted from Satan’s manipulation of her spirit and drawing her into a conversation he knew could not take place with loving results the outcome she would have to go down to death also but she would be saved from that future by God’s Son whom he called Enmity in the prophecy he made at the time of Eve’s judgment.

However she would live because eating the fruit was not strictly something she did but something the serpent had done through her or with her spirit. She had been violated. The first of many victims of Satan. She had obviously encountered confusion to some extent the first time it had ever been and in confusion anyone’s ability to serve God is impaired as was evident when she did not realize in her spirit she was naked even at the time she gave a fruit to Man though she had to know having disobeyed God. She would suffer but she it would not result in permanent death.

Man had done the exact opposite of what he had been designed to do. His spirit was useless to God. God then had no choice but to begin forgetting he ever made him. His body would wear out and go back to what God made it out of and that would be it.

Except for the fact no one at the judgment save Jesus Christ could or would condemn Adam for what he had actually done, eat something by rote or impulse since he did at least know what it was. No one ever did anything less sinful than that among man. There is no one among man to condemn him and only God to condemn him a second time at the judgment.

How can Jesus Christ say that he ever loved him to condemn him without anyone to condemn him that would do such a thing for they would all love him? Even God loved him and was merciful to him by not making it immediate and allowing him to be the father of man as well as the one that death came to them through.

Death remember is abolished. All Adam has to do if he has not by now is change his mind about what he did and he too lives forever.

All he actually did was create disobedience to God. Surely someone may have somewhere along the line done that anyway. Let’s hope it isn’t nearly as permanent when someone does it again in the New Creation that follows the end of this earth. It is possible even there or God would not have provided a way to deal with it wherein those that die can drink of the river of life and live. The very mention of it supposes it will happen even there to someone. Let’s hope not many or even not more than one.

© 2017 John F Carver

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