A Letter to Everyone

A Letter to Everyone

A Story by John F Carver

There is the most powerful person on earth. There is the most impotent person on earth. The rest are just people between them with someone beneath them and someone above even as it is with the intelligent. Someone is smartest of all. Someone is an imbecile. The rest of us know things those beneath us do not and do not know the things those above us know even as it is with being blessed. There is the most blessed, even the most blessed of all time, and there is the least blessed who is never blessed anymore and never will be again. The rest of us again are somewhere in-between. It is the same for fame and for riches and for true wealth and spirituality.

In God's holy name and Jesus Christ, the Author of our life and the finisher of our perpetual being by what he has done on the cross for each one of us, the Supreme Writer of a life spent in complete bliss I write to all of you save the most blessed of all time realizing I would have to be the most conceited writer of all time to believe even many of you will ever read this lest an amazing miracle of God takes place which there is always that chance.

You are dead.

Every human being on the earth is deceased. Everyone of you will die. Nobody will live through it. Your end will come and I am delighted for some of you. The others? Well... It would be a greater miracle that your spirit lived than it would be should everyone on earth read this letter.

Some of you love God even Jesus Christ my God though I also will die. Remember I said that everyone would die? Why would I be an exception? I am just a man like other men in most ways. Some of you believe in God but either have the wrong idea about him or don't really care whether he is real or not. Some of you don't believe in God at all other than as an erroneous concept in someone else' thought life you think is in error. But some of you hate God. But a few have never encountered the name or the notion before and are very curious, don't care to pursue it or I assume don't want any part of pursuing it for real.

There are reasonable people and there are unreasonable people, some who will read on and some who will accept that they are dead and leave it at that but some will hate me intensely while others love me for this letter but most of you will be in-between again not hating me as much as others and not loving me as much as some if anyone. The one that is the best there ever was is all I need and he is God, Jesus Christ.

Let us reason together then: Assume for a moment there is a God and the universal truth that confronts us all, the fact we will all die, is a truth that comes from him. The notion has all the earmarks of God. It is absolute. It is real. It is true. It is not rational to think it is not so. And, it would be a deception to tell you otherwise and if you think not then you have my concerned good wishes should you decide to read no longer. You are unreasonable and dead. What will be come of you? I wish it were not so that there is no way to reach you with the rest of the truth should you do that.

Your body will one day be a corpse. It will go back to the elements one way or another. Your toes will, your genitals will and your brain will. You will cease to think. You will have no emotions ever again. You will experience nothing ever again. You will not be anything even to the greatest extent of remoteness to who and what you are, that which became of the others like you when coitus began after a while when they were changed never to be known, found or remembered ever again to any true extent. You will join the huge numbers from your fathers even if you were born in a test tube and the lone number of the female. You will be as you were before you got here only not even that for then you potentially would live but now you certainly will die.

When you were born you didn't do this. When you were young you did not know this to even be possible. When you were a bit older you were doing it and didn't realize that is what you were doing. Many of you even at your age still will not have been aware this is what you have been doing. Some of you already know what you are doing and willfully do it anyway. But the wisest among you do not do it any longer. It is not wise to do this. What is it?

It is simply this.

You have been thinking, haven't you? If you can read this I know you have. If you can understand this should someone read it to you I know that you have.

But most of you have been doing so foolishly. You have been thinking about what you want to be, what you are and how best to become that. You are the author of your own life. To some extent even the wisest among you are that. That is why we all must die. It is a fact. It is from God this truth. It is not something that can be rationally argued against. It is just as real as death and just as sure as the one that inspires me to share the truth with you, God.

God wrote a story. It was a story written in his amazingly advanced being that is our reality, the big one, the one none of us even the most insane can argue is there, the reality some call real reality but that reality is not God's reality, at least if it is God has no way to share it with us for it is the reality God is real in and has no power to change or alter in the least, a thing that were it true would make him exactly like we are.

So truly it does exist for God made us exactly like him and we have a reality we can never do anything about to some extent and will always have to put up with such a reality regardless of how advanced our being becomes. Remember that for the Holy Spirit will bring it to your memory.

If you do not believe that then at least believe that God created a reality by thinking about what he wants to be, what he is and how to best go about achieving that for if you do not believe even that you are unreasonable and dead with none of this to ever make any difference to you whether I am right or wrong.

No one then that was ever a higher thinking consciousness can conceivably say they have not done this, are not doing it right at the present or will not ever do such a thing. Are you not totally unrealistic and absolutely unreasonable to even consider there is someone that has not done this other than a little kid, a baby or someone still in the womb? Yes you are.

There is no need to persist in reading this even if you think the notion will not haunt you should you cease reading, ridicule the concept, ridicule my writing of it, ridicule me and take my person to task for it or react emotionally even to the point of killing me to quiet me, or to just deny that you do it every single day, that you did it today and that you are making a decision to ignore God's story, God's reality in deference to your own for after all it doesn't make any difference. It's just another reality.

Those of you in denial are just as dead as any of them that are unreasonable and emotional to the point of rage and want to destroy me to bring me to silence and put all I have said out of your world and slaughter anyone that recognized that simple truth. God has a story and it is that reality you or anyone cannot but see written for you, but only God can do anything about it for he came up with it. He thinks it is the perfect reality.

How do I know that you must react to the fact that you are, have been and to some extent will continue to write your own reality, your thought life and include in it the emotions you hope to have prevalent in your life? You cannot help yourselves. That is the way God made you. He cannot help but react to it. He made you exactly like him. So you cannot help but react to it? So what other way is there to react?

If I have missed any I apologize.

Is there any one or should I say even one of you that is absolutely happy with their life? Is there anyone that is happy with all their emotions being the way they are all the time? Is there any one of you that gives there attention to anything they do not want to pay attention to; even this letter? Is there any one that is actually happy and that happiness lasts regardless of what happens, what they do or what happens to others or will happen to themselves or others because of what they do or what someone else does that knows they will in fact die in some very unpleasant manner and that they are, have been and will continue to write their own life, the very cause of it all?

They will be to blame because they died for writing it even if they are murdered or any other outcome they did not plan for in their thoughts, emotions, bodily actions and all of their faculties used together, some together and some not at all or even one at a time or some or all of that at different times they were wrong at some point.

The truth is there are too many variables. We are not advanced enough and never will be advanced enough to actually do more than an expectedly last failure to live. No one can do it on their own. All will die. All will write there own life all the way to the end as they always have.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The universe has a reality, the reality that God gave it if anyone did though it might be God's reality also.

The earth has its own reality, a reality we have given it in part mostly by polluting it so that it will one day die some time.

The world has its own reality, most of it not much affected by politics the rest highly influenced by politics that are out of their hands and many times out of control of even those in charge who have to put up with the political reality that is the result of many things but primarily the fact that everyone is writing their own life to whatever extent that is allowed where they are depending upon how controlling their particular political unit is as it deals with the same politics of others.

Your state or province has its reality. Your county or subdivision of a province or state has one of its own. You cities have one. You town has one. Your village has one. Even you who are rural have a reality you can do nothing about. Every household where even just one of us is has one and every person in every household has one. But everyone is writing there own. So we are all going to die.

God will not change that. It is not what he desires but it is the part of his reality he gave us control over to decide to do or not to do and he will not take that decision away from anyone. He loves us. But he cannot take away our faculty to make decisions and still love us for then it is not love. He cannot love us. We cannot truly love him. All because he took the option to love him away from us!

What are our options then?

We could just stop writing the story of our lives. But reality is mean for the most part to those who don't make even the basic decisions as to what they want, what they are and what they will be. So we can solve that by just writing the parts of the story we have to wisely write to get by. But isn't that really what we have already been doing? Yes it is.

We could leave it up to someone else other than God, some sibling, some parent, some relative, some friend, some neighbor, some agency, some government, some social group, some religious person, some pastor or bishop, some religious organization or church, some guru, some expert on self-help or some cultist.

But it isn't written by God in that case. It is not God's reality we will be living in on their level but theirs whomever you choose. We are still in a sense writing our own life even then, aren't we?

We are like a ghost. We are all dead already and we are going about the motions of existing in a thought life that ranges from a disaster to getting by until we have no choice but to stop writing our thought life, our emotional life by making our decisions our way.

The Bible says that we are doing, that we have given control of us, that we cannot completely control given our backward intellect and ways compared to God's is a spirit the spirit of our flesh.

It did not come with us. Some of us give it full reign of nearly our every concern and write our lives based upon its desires, its needs, its being. We are its slaves and we have given up and will die because of it and all the writing we have to do to keep it going even just a little bit longer no matter how unpleasant that is we view as futile. But it will end and all the unpleasantness will be no more.

Is that true?

What if there is an afterlife and all we have been is our spirit's co-pilot at best and bound slave at worst. What in the hell will we do with no body! What in the hell will we do if we don't believe in anything else? What in hell will we do if all we have left is our thoughts and nothing we ever thought is relevant to us anymore?

Will we talk to others like us? Will we always get along with them? If others we did not intend to talk to us can join our conversations just by paying attention to us, what will be the outcome? Can we really handle anything they might say or do to us?

What if they can inflict pain on us by just getting us to think the pain is real in a way we cannot help but think it is? What do we do then? What if there are the dead or devils and demons and aliens and anything you can imagine and they can literally get us to believe we are in hellfire and brimstone?

How bad will it be, if there is an afterlife? Will we even have any privacy or will we hear the others there like unto a city filled with people going about their business, crimes being committed against them and us, gangs, mean violent types, rapists and what have you everywhere all the time?

But what if its even worse? Will there be none of that and we will be all alone with no way to end the loneliness, no one to care about and no one caring about us and nothing but all the privacy we could ever stand because no one can see us and we can see no one else just to go quietly or not so quietly insane until we are so miserable we can't stand that there is no end to it?

But what if its none of that and we get bored with nothing to do for there really is nothing to do and the boredom just perpetuates? What will we write then? What we always did? What we know? What we did to just get by on earth without end with no hope it will ever get any better or even worse for all time?

The possibilities are endless without God and if you really consider it they are all bad when put it in the context of forevermore. Do you really want to write your own story then? Forever is a hell of a long time. You think you made mistakes here, how many mistakes will you make if you have forever to keep on doing anything you do without screwing it up so that horror is not and adequate modifier for it?

But if it is it doesn't have to be and it didn't have to be in the first place.

As another option you could turn to God. He made the reality. You could just tell him you don't want to die and that if there is an afterlife of doing whatever you can do and being anything you can be with all the unknown factors you never counted on ever more numerous as people dream up any different way they can to just keep on writing their existence, for that's all you're doing and if there is an afterlife of doing it forever you want to give up now for you know you will want to someday.

You could just get saved now by asking Jesus Christ to save you or ask God to have him come to you and help you live. Do you know what that means?

If you do that you will have God who not only made the reality, he made you just as real and he is one fantastic writer so advanced he knows everything you could have known and all that you could not have ever known because you don't even have the mental faculties to know what they are if he were to tell you.

His story is that he will take care of it. He will be good to you. He will always do what's right by you and everyone else. He will judge those who do not do right by you and judge you when and if you don't do what he tells you to do and do not do right by others, but he will be lenient and merciful to you because he will look upon you as one of his own kids. He will be kind to you and see that everyone else is. He will love you.

He will forgive you everything you ever did wrong so that you can put it all behind you with a brand new start. He will make you, yes, you a new person that will obey him but if you don't he will forgive you, a person that will love him with all there is in you and even everyone else with all there is in you and they will love you with all there is in them the same as you do them. But here on earth you will be expected to love everyone especially those that will never love you and some who will never love anyone.

But no one will be mean to you after you die. You will be happy and that happy feeling called joy will never leave you. You will be like God and not like you were and everything he wants for himself you will want for yourself and everybody else because he loves you and knows what you want and he will always give it to you if it will not harm you to have it.

He is so advanced he has written a story for everybody that everybody will be blissful about. Do you know what that means?

You will be at peace, you will be loving and loved, you will always have something interesting to do, and you will be completely safe without any chance anything bad will ever happen to you ever again and all you have to do is stop writing your life and let God write it for you.

You're always butting heads with reality. That's because you have to interact with it but never get to know it well enough to head off all its unpleasantness and all its harshness and even its horrifying nature at times here on earth. It will still be that here. It is so screwed up with everyone writing there own life and doing a very poor job of it compared to what God can do, even God can't protect you from all of it.

Actually God could. But you won't quit trying to write some of it and remember he has no choice but to let you or not love you which he won't do at any cost here on earth. However it will go a lot better for you the more you let him write for you though it could go even worse for you if you write him out of any part of it.

Then even if you let God write it all for you, give you your preferences as much as is possible and it still be his way or even better than you thought you preferred, you will still have to die. It has gone too far for it to be any other way.

But it will be a wonderful thing to die. Your body will die. The spirit of your flesh will die, the same one you would have had in the afterlife in hell. But even it will be saved. Even it will be new. Even it will love God and everyone else and be loved by God and everyone else in bliss. Do you remember what that is? It doesn't get any better than that forever and you will enjoy it forever just like God does.

Do it. Even if you are saved but are still writing your own story and expecting God to keep up with your story instead of his, do it. Even if you are saved and writing just a bit of it, let him write it all. He is so far more advanced than you are its like a baby trying to pick out what it wants to be, live with what it is, and what it will be forevermore.

So some of it you cannot even comprehend if he was to show you and much of it requires that you experience it to know it. There are no words to describe it and there can never be.

It's like trying to tell someone what it means to exist. There is nothing to say but that they do indeed exist. But they have to experience it. They can't understand it. It just is and they just are and it is profoundly silly not to believe it.

Heaven is a lot like that in many parts of it. Hell is easy to describe. That we can understand. But heaven is completely alien to us in a way but when we get there we will be tickled beyond our imagination that it is that alien to us. We would never have it any other way and we would never want to in our wildest imaginings want to change even the tiniest bit of it. It is always that way. It is always that way for everybody. It is just waiting for you.

Just ask the Father to bring you to Jesus because you want to be born again and leave the writing of your life up to God because even if you are getting by, you know it could be a whole lot better and if you don't know that then you just don't have any way to see how God will improve your life here and then the unimaginable after you die.

But you will die. But you will write part of your life until the spirit of your flesh dies. It will be wrong and it will make it harder for you than God had in mind for you.

Be careful then what you decide. Get to know God the best you can any way you can. Just let him write and you give up doing it yourself. You don't have the intellect for it. You are not advanced enough to do it. God never made you so you could do it in the spirit of your flesh, a spirit you created, a spirit that will be saved right along with you after it dies and your body dies.

If you did that, aren't you glad you are going to die? I am. In fact if you die before me I won't be able not to envy you. Shall I cry for you? No way! If I ever meet you before your flesh dies I will be happy for you but envious too. If you become a loving friend or if you and I become family I will miss you, but I will envy you. It's part of the spirit I wrote, the spirit of my flesh I created myself. That is why I will have to die too.

But be glad for me! I am going for it. I have already started more and more each day to just let God write my whole life for me if he wants to. I have already learned he knows what I like better than I do anyway. So why not?

Do it. Why not? If you do you will be just like God in the end of it, so advanced you will be in a class completely by yourself.

Do you know what that is called? It is called being holy. No one will be as holy as you are but you will be holy in a different way just as God is and that will be true of everyone there when you get to heaven for sure and here too if you or they want it to be.

God has ordained that you are to be holy for he is holy. He makes you holy, but you have to be it and the more like God you are the holier you will be and when you get to heaven and see him face to face sort of, you will be just like him, completely holy. That will be the clincher; just seeing him for no one can see God and not be just like him forever and ever.

Have my peace now, but more importantly have God's peace and that happy feeling that does not ever leave you; joy. Let God write from now on, from this day forward, from right now forever throughout eternity, without end, an infinite amount of time.

May God's blessings always be with you as you just let him only write forevermore.

Good-bye my little ones and all my seniors who knew better all along and those that will start or keep on letting him write and all of you who do not want to for whatever reason. We will miss seeing you in heaven, you know? Please change your mind and join us.

© 2017 John F Carver

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John F Carver
John F Carver

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